Question: Om Shanti. Dear Brother, Please throw some light on what is called “middle path”, which is taught by many spiritual leaders. Even Buddha’s teachings also mention this. Can you explain this in terms of bk knowledge?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,
The “Middle path” comes as a realization of the extremes of duality.
Gautama “Buddha,” started his life in “pleasure” as a prince in a Kingdom. He then went to the “other side” as a renunciate. He was torturing his body, until the realization came that “no extreme” is helpful but the “middle.”

In Brahmin life. many BKs follow the same route. The “before being a BK” and the “after” picture. In that process of transformation, we need to explore both sides. As a matter of fact, we will go to the side of “renunciation” with the same intensity as in the side of “indulging.” That is the understanding on how duality works. The middle way is the point where we recognize that life is not “black or white” but also that it has shades of gray in between.At that point a Brahmin soul “matures” and can start to “smile” as BapDada would like to see us.

What the Buddha recognized is a good realization in the world of “duality.” He also recognized that the apparent opposites are truly complementary, that is why one of his teachings imply “not rejecting” (similarly to Christ as explained before) but to understand that one side of the coin will lead us automatically to the other in the world of duality. Good cannot exist without evil. When “evil” reaches its extreme, it will turn into “good” as we can see how the iron age turns automatically into the Golden age. Similarly “good” in its extreme decline (through entropy,) automatically becomes evil. (Silver age into Copper age) That is duality.

BapDada and Gyan will give us something more. That is the recognition that we can go beyond duality because that “unicity” has existed, is “real” (Golden age/Silver age) but while living in the consciousness of duality. That is “karmateet.” All it is required is to “switch” our consciousness in the realm of the subtle and thus, go beyond the physical.

That is the “effort.” 🙂

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    We are “numberwise.” It is about finding YOUR “middle way.” It is not about following someone else’s “middle way.”
    Be open minded. Experience how you feel. Experiment… You’ll find it…

    Best wishes!


  2. Anil

    Dear Brother, Thank you for your response. I need one more clarification on this “middle path”. My role has given me a chance to feed my body with 100% raw food and somehow I liked it very much. Now I have disinterest towards cooked food. The other souls who are in contact with me say that this is an extreme and you should follow the middle path. Am I following an extreme path? Does leading an austere lifestyle like Mahatma Gandhi is also an extreme path? Is there any yardstick to measure to whether something is an extreme or middle?


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