Introduction to Good and Evil 101

In Spirituality, the “laws” are different than the ones we have learned by being surrounded and colored by the understanding of a “materialistic” society. One of the most misunderstood themes is our awareness of “Good and Evil.”
We have been taught to “reject” evil and to “embrace” good. However, our perception of what is “good and what is evil” have been changing in time. Do you see that? Today good, tomorrow evil.

Was the “holy inquisition” good or evil? Is “dying for your country” good or evil? Is euthanasia good or evil? Is sex good or evil? Are religions good or evil? Is the devil really “evil” and God really “good”? 🙂

The above will probably make some people frown . Let me assure you this: If you pick any thing as being “good,” I will certainly have many arguments to let you know how “evil” your choice really is.

The above concepts are things that we are willing to die for, to fight for etc; when truly those things are merely conceptual thoughts. Even if we pick the well regarded and worshiped word: GOD. That word has many meanings and understandings by many people. Even within Brahma Kumaris knowledge; there is this perception of God as being “good.” Let me share a secret. God is neither good nor evil. God just has a role in the Drama, a role which is performed when it is necessary. (Disclaimer: I am not talking about the EXPERIENCE of God. I am referring to what is typically known as HIS role.)

Don’t you believe me?
Let me play with “illogical” logic a bit:

1. Why God didn’t “help me” at the end of the Silver age to become Satopradhan again quickly?
Answer: Because that is the way the Drama is made.
Therefore, God cannot do anything that the Drama does not dictate of Him. See?

2. Why God is allowing me to go through so much suffering so then He can “help me” at the end?
Answer: Because God can only do what it is in the Drama. It is predestined like that. How can He be really “good” if he has “no choice”? Why I wasn’t made just like that? Where is my “free will”? 🙂 You know the answer.

3. Why doesn’t God do one “miracle” which will be seen by the whole world once and for all, so everyone can know about Him and then “decide” whether they want to shape up or not?

4. Why is there punishment if there is predestination? Why John was born sick if there is “free will”? There is a word which answers all questions: Drama. Is the Drama good or evil? 🙂 The Drama IS what it IS. We add the “moral” labels.

I can feel the frowning is deeper now by some “true believers”… Some at this point, decided not to continue reading for they may get “waste thoughts” in their minds…. No problem. Let me continue.. 🙂

Have you seen a martial artist in action?
Someone attacks him and then he uses the energy of his opponent to re-direct the force so it comes back to the attacker. That is the principle in Spirituality, to transform rather than to oppose.

However, we have been “brainwashed” to oppose anything that is against our path, that is anything which is “evil” to us. By opposing, we have to put energy at least equal to the opposing force otherwise, we will be crushed. That is “we will divorce the Father.”

Lust is energy. We can call it “evil” to make some feel better; but that energy coming from us cannot be “rejected” by us at the same time as if there were two different people in “me; the “good guy,” and the “evil guy.” That is called “dementia.”
Let me call the evil guy, “Maya,” so I feel better… Oh ..the deceiving magic of words!!

With Gyan, which is a very high spiritual knowledge; we can understand that everything that has happened in the Drama is BENEFICIAL. (Disclaimer: Not my own “manmat,” but BapDada has mentioned that)

We are looking at things which need to happen as they have happened. Unless you are a detached observer, you will not be able to “get this.” Otherwise, we can apply our own pitiful morality to label something as “good “ or “evil” but in the unlimited is just NECESSARY. It will repeat again; so “get used to it, the innocent”… 🙂 (Drivin N Cryin lyrics)

There is no good without evil. There is no evil without good. That is the nature of duality. To embrace one and to reject the other side is the way of “ignorance” or lack of understanding. Once we understand the law of karma, we will realize that regardless of the labeling, the one who planted the seed of an action, will eat the fruit himself. There is no escape. That is the “law.” No need for labels to “elevate” our ego into self righteousness.

Gyan is deep. Let us take a deep dip.


  1. Nidhi

    Om Shanti
    Why God is allowing me to go through so much suffering so then He can “help me” at the end? Plz explain this in detail. One of my friend want to know. She’s married and she has no baby..she gone through many medical treatment but fail.


    • avyakt7

      Dear soul.
      That line was mentioned because many religions and including many BKs, have this idea about asking fro things to Baba. “help me.” without realizing about the law of karma, and that spiritual efforts need to be there to receive the Father’s help.

      Your friend is suffering through comparison. She may be actually getting a “gift” for self realization and to use her time in that. Many are just concerned about being like “everyone.” Some see “babies” only, when there is the chance for spiritual study, as that is the call of time.

      Best wishes!


  2. rmalik108

    Great to hear these thoughts and they feel similar to what i feel, this knowledge is certainly remembered then learned. I had seen souls following this knowledge for decads and still wrapping this in BHAKTI. I ‘m in this less then a year and i was able to understand this soon..but transformation will take time as we dive deeper into Gyan and yog, which are ment to be lost in.


  3. vvrisor

    Dear Avyakt7,

    This SOUL can not resist it’s temptation of a word of praise for the way the GYAN is being churned and shared for the understanding of other SOULs.

    “GYAN is deep….the one who planted the seed of an action, will eat the fruit himself”- the sum and sbstance of the GYAN that every SOUL should churn and experience.


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