On good and evil – part 2 – Was Hitler evil?

This article will complete the ideas of the previous one (yesterday) on “introduction to good and evil 101.”
It appears that some souls were not able to digest the article very well. It is expected. Name God as “neither good nor evil” and “true believers,” will jump out from their seats.

Dear souls, “good and evil” are part of duality. God is beyond duality. See that?
This Drama of life is neither “good nor evil,” it is a movie which will take us exactly where we are now.
Is that good or evil? 🙂

With gyan in our “guts” (not in our heads) we shall see that we are being “brainwashed” again by the use of 2 words which acquire a significant value just because it will allow us to “look good” and proper when we recognize that which in our view is faulty, bad, lowly, etc.

To understand this Gyan, we need to go beyond the logic of the world. Yes, 2 +2 is 4 only in a math book, in the world of our head, that worshiped logic.
Reality is that a man plus a woman is usually more than 3… 🙂

Without seeing the above, we will be analyzing gyan, dissecting gyan only using our own mind to grasp it, when in all (perceived) reality, our own mind is the source of our own problems in life. We “think life.” Our logic is filtered through that mind.

Once we realize that roles are already in the soul playing through us, we cannot infer that the actor is “bad.”

Hitler was a role of a soul. Without the awareness of gyan , in the consciousness of a “normal” person, yes…that role has done many “evil” things. However, through the law of karma, we realize that in this Drama, “there are no victims,” moreover, we know that nothing can happen to a soul. A soul cannot die. It continues to take rebirth into another “role.”

Then some “moralizer” comes and says: “But those hideous crimes against humanity were destructive to life and hurtful to many families.” That is right. I agree 100% …BUT now with Gyan in mind, I say to you: That will repeat again. You cannot change that. It will repeat exactly one more time in 5000 years. What can you do about it? Is your “politically correct” talk going to change anything? That is eternal return. That is “pure” Gyan. That is the Drama.
Of course, without this knowledge and the experience of it, it will be CRAZY, to say what I just expressed above to an audience without this knowledge. So.. beware…

With Gyan in mind:
Do we remember that? Or we still want to make a “soap opera” and cry when seeing scenes of actors performing a role?
Without having gyan in our “guts” we will forget that, and merely keep gyan in our “minds” for intellectual debates and logical riddles and believe that we can be “good.” Just an ego trip to Mars like 5000 years ago. 🙂

Disclaimer: For those who are not Brahmin souls, who just happen to read this article, I am not saying that the activities of Hitler weren’t hurtful. NO.
I am applying spiritual knowledge and merely separating the role from the actor. The perception of the role will change according to our consciousness. In this knowledge, All souls are beyond good and evil. The roles of those souls will be perceived as good or evil according to our consciousness. That consciousness is dictated by what we experience to be “true.” That changes according to time.

Our perception of roles are “good and evil.” Without changing that perception, we cannot become “detached observers.”


  1. bims01@aol.com

    I absolutely understand the point you are making but the way you have expressed it is very clear and based on the Knowledge we are now receiving. The reason problems arise is we forget to separate the role from the actor and. Get caught up with emotions. Thank you for putting it in clear prospectus .
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