Question: It is Customary that when BK soul enters the centre ,first the soul visits Baba’s room ,While leaving the centre also the same is followed . Even at amritvela though there is no place in Baba’s room -goodmorning is done then proceed to Class room for meditation .What is the esssence behind this practise. Need to understand

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

In my experience, I haven’t been in a Western country when that practice takes place. However, in India when I visited a center in Jodphur, I recall such practice somehow.

Traditions and ways of doing things will change among centers in the world and among centers on the same country even. Depends on the person in charge.

Some souls may feel that by doing that practice they are giving respect to Brahma Baba or BapDada as to follow a tradition.
If I am in a BK center where that is required, I will follow that practice out of respect for that center.

However, that is where spirituality separates from religious rituals in my view. That religious ritual is not needed for self realization, but at the same time; to acknowledge someone else’s beliefs; is to show care and love which is part of that self realization.

Best wishes.


  1. Sister Jayashree

    Dear brother

    Thank you for the wonderful service you are doing.
    It makes me feel impossible has been made possible when I visit this site. Now I can refer my friends visit this site to understand Murli
    In practical ways.

    Also in response to the above query by another brother – every act we do is only to remember shiv baba . Visiting baba’s room is one such act so that we create thoughts filled with Bapdada’s love and knowledge leaving behind the outside worldly thoughts once we enter the center. Similarly we create thoughts filled with Bapdada’s knowledge and strength to take that remembrance before leaving the center so that we can perform our outside activities with awareness and keeping Bapdada as our saathi.

    Om Shanthi
    Sister Jayashree


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