Comments on Avyakt Murli – March 31, 2013

Celebrate the day of remembrance in the form of the day of power.

Great Murli points to churn deeply in this Murli. I was interested in BapDada’s teachings on spirituality and how that is related with the stage of being a detached observer.

BapDada mentioned that when we are externally embodiment of remembrance and internally embodiment of power, when there is that balance; that is spirituality. Then, BapDada replaced “remembrance” by love as remembrance is love. The form of power should be merged with the form of love. That is spirituality.

Remembrance will lead into power. Many times we stay in “feelings,” without getting to know the ultimate layer of “being” which is the experience of the self. That is known as “soul consciousness.”
Without that layer, feelings of love by itself is “just worldly” as BapDada mentioned.
Also, see the relationship of being a “detached observer” with what BapDada calls “will-power.” That is “detachment” from our own part.

As translations and words get into the way of understanding the above deeply, we may need to have a glimpse of that experience to be able to “understand it.”

That is the ultimate in spirituality; that is to understand by our own experience.

For me BapDada is referring to the stage of a detached observer as being soul conscious. In that stage, there is no “I” thinking and analyzing.

Therefore, the part happens automatically. That “will power,” is the power coming from the soul. That is the experience of being unshakable by the Drama. It is not that the Drama is “against me,” but the understanding that we flow together. The experience of being beyond. BapDada is playing with those words, for “will power” as we know it, implies someone doing something, someone “attempting to change things” by willing something. To play our parts accurately, however; the thought of “doing” things is not being detached. Having thoughts about something will show us that we are not detached.

This part of “being detached” has many misunderstandings. Recently I was speaking with a friend “A “ who had an experience in life. That experience came to a conclusion. There was a lesson from that experience as well as a new beginning.

Her friend “B” is going through a very similar experience but in different circumstances. That experience is on-going.
Is detachment to let friend” B” experience her experience by herself without further sharing? Or perhaps friend “A” should share her experiences, (not only conclusions) but the inherent similarity? Many will just say:”Don’t do that…otherwise it will happen to you what happened to me. Of course, this last option is far from love and detachment.

Some will see as their role to give an “advice.” Some will see as their role as “not saying anything but just listening.” As we can see, many roles according to our own personalities. However, the bottom line is how much of that is affecting us. You see, “detachment” is not to see how a glass with water falls from the table without doing a thing. Detachment resides in our own reaction and feelings. When something does not affect us, we could be plain indifferent. That is lack of care not detachment. When something does not affect us but at the same time we “give love” or manifest care and willingness to be helpful, that is detachment.

That is why detachment goes with love. It cannot be by itself. Because only when there is love, there is full understanding.
Finally, BapDada gives an extraordinary teaching: “To put something into practical form is easy but to merge it, you need will power.”
We can “cultivate” things. We can think and say:” Aha! This is the opportunity that I have to be loving. I will love this person this way and that way. Also, I will be detached from him/her and walk away within 5 minutes of showing my love.” That is I will “rehearse” loving and detached.

That “rehearsal” is an example of “putting something into practical.”

BapDada typically ask us to put things into “practical,” but the “practice” is over once we are embodiment of those virtues, that is once that “will” which is the experience of the soul, brings its own power. That is “Will power.”

In that stage, we could be busy in service at “every thought.” 🙂

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