Question: Dear brother, Just realized that karma is the Creator of this drama. karma decides the role of every soul, at a point god has to come down to covey this message so that direction of our action can switch from one side to another then karma creates the paradise (I know childish term)…but the answer to who the creator of this world should be “karma”. Your thoughts?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Good realization! You are in the right direction. Now, let us think. What do you call the Karma of all souls at all times? 🙂

Let me give you a hint… It is starts with capital “D,”…. Drama.

Now, everything that exists is called the Drama. When we separate actors, we perceive parts of that Drama. That is karma.
No one creates the Drama therefore, no one creates Karma. If you go deeper, you will see that “karma” has another layer. Actions “begin” with thoughts and feelings/emotions; that is “sanskaras.” Therefore, the Drama is made up of sanskaras which in turn become Karma which in association become Drama. See the picture?

Now you can go even deeper than that and realize that there is no “beginning,” therefore no need for creator. Who is first? Drama, Karma or sanskaras?

That question will be similar to : who is first an elephant or his trunk, or his tail ?
Who created that elephant? Then we say God.. but then who created God? … see the picture? There is a problem with that word “creation”… 🙂


Best wishes!

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