Question: Hello avyakt7, I have listen to a few murlis, where it is said that we undergo definite things like yugas, sato-rajo-tamo pradhan tendencies etc. But I just want to know that if God himself is ego less then why does he/she indulge in even ‘creating’ this world? what is the need/purpose of doing so ?what is the impetus and if there is an impetus and one is able to identify it , then it is ego ( because if one is able to do so then he is entertaining the basic ‘I’ thought)? It is completely fine that we come here to evolve, but why does it happen in the first place?? And one more doubt I have , please clarify the difference between the most important two terms – ‘Self respect and ego’ ; ‘self preservation and ego’.

Thank you for your questions!

Dear soul,

As expressed before, God does not create anything. The word “creation” in Sakar Murlis is meant to express that though this Godly knowledge, a “new” virtuous man/woman appears. That is all.

Therefore, God is ego-less. Also, in this knowledge we know that God has a “role” which is already “fixed” in the Drama. Therefore, the “Drama” is the “big boss.” and what is the Drama? All souls, their parts and the physical stage. That Drama moves through entropy.

We do not come here to evolve. We have been always “here,” although at different times according to our parts. Existence has always existed. Thus, there is no “reason” for its existence. It is what has always been. To think about “creation” is a flawed thought as expressed in many articles here.

In your words: “Self respect:” To live life according to who you truly are. Ego: to live life according to what you believe you are.
Self-preservation: A dream. Everything changes.

Best wishes!


  1. Seeker

    Thank you so much dear soul for such a wonderful answer.. was going through your earlier replies and got a great deal of clarity. That is very much true that if a realization comes on its own to somebody is worth it than to ask others for it because everybody’s experience is different. 🙂


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