Question: For past few years many leading authors high lightening one principle, in their book like SECRET , WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU TALK TO YOUR SELF AND THE VICHAR NIYAM ( name of the books for referenece ) , that whatever you create picture either things. ,people or situations in your mind it becomes true. because the law of nature means law of attraction works here. for example if you need money you feel yourself rich person in present and after some time money will be reaching to you. when you imagine a person in your life, after that frequency will be reaching there and person will be in your life. they explain it law of attraction . if you constantly wish good health of yourself your subconscious mind will do that . overall their approach is ,your thoughts are being converts in material things . another author in his books explain what to say when you talk to your self becomes true, like most of negative messages are feeded in your mind since childhood so you have to override your old programming to replace with new by telling correct words yourself. one author favors to your correct speech pattern and other to visualize things you want . kindly guide if they true, which one? second if you too support both then how old established pattern should be change ? plz detail both seperately.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

In Gyan we have learned that what we “perceive is what we are.” Life will just make that obvious through “mirrors” (people, circumstances, etc.) Now, I hear, Baba hasn’t said that? Brothers and sisters, that is known as “churning.”

Narayan will see everything as “good” in the Golden age. John may see life as challenging in the Iron age. That perception does not come from the outside, it comes from the inside.

Our perception of reality is just a perception which is real for us, but that perception comes according to our state of being. In other words, my sanskaras and my thoughts are the same. Through those thoughts, I will interpret life. Those thoughts are related with karma and that is related with the Drama.

In my experience in spirituality, life has given me those things which I have desired the most, although not always exactly what I wanted, something similar… However… there is a very wise saying that takes precedence over any of the books that you have cited, that is : “Be careful what you wish for….for it could become a reality.” Earning a million dollars could be a nightmare! 🙂

BapDada uses your book citations a lot. “Good wishes and pure feelings for all.” (thoughts and feelings) rather than wishing to earn 1 million dollars, (limited wish) the most elevated wish is to have that generosity from the heart for all beings. Similarly: “As your vision, so your attitude.”

As far as the “programming” deal, BapDada uses the same principle when He makes us do a “drill” or to “spin the discuss,” so; what the authors you cited could be true; but you will only know, if you try those things upon yourself; for we are different and “what works for John, may not work for Ananda.”

The only thing that I support for change (according to my experience) of an established pattern are “life experiences:” The experience of the self and life through the light of Gyan.

Best wishes!

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  1. vvrisor

    Dear Avyakt7,
    “life experiences:” The experience of the self and life through the light of Gyan ……. is the ‘guiding TOOL’, in the SOUL’s journey towards it’s forgotten house address of ‘SUPREME SOUL’. Thank you Dear SOUL!


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