Question: Dear Bro… Since your role no longer churns sakar murulis which i liked when you brought up many new points in them. Can you please refer me any site where i can get the whole muruli in english ? All i have found till now is only Question,Dharna,blessing and slogan of the whole muruli. But i want the whole of it. I am into gyan only for about 3 months so kindly help. Best wishes. :)

Thank you for your question and request!

Dear soul,

Welcome to the BK world! The world of reformation of the self. πŸ™‚

First let me tell you the reason why I stopped sharing my “churning on Sakar Murlis.”
As you know, some souls liked the points. Others, totally reject them. Nothing new. We cannot please everyone. However, whether someone likes or dislikes the posts shared here, is not the issue; for they are free to “like or dislike” as I am to share them.

Sakar Murlis are talks of a Father with his children. In this case; it is believed by us,BKs to be God through the “filtering” of Brahma Baba’s experiences and understanding. It is a mix of knowledge with experiences of Brahma Baba at that time, with sound advice on behavior (moral standards.)

The advice of father Brahma will be for the Brahmin children only, not for the “neighbors’ children.” The advice is usually related with a particular viewpoint, which cannot relate with the general world. In my view, the main aim in a Sakar Murli, is to bring about the challenging “reformation of the self” through a Divine link, which is not necessarily the experience of the rest of the world.

Without this reformation, for a BK soul; there will not be any other avenue to start spirituality and to grow from a child stage into spiritual maturity.

I felt that by “analyzing” the Murli, I was taking away the benefit that this will bring to new BKs like yourself. That is, for you to go and hear Murli class everyday ( As a Maryada) and for you to churn your “own ingredients,” (Shrimat) so out of those realizations and experiences; you could recognize your “next step” in life. Reformation is first and needed. Please take that “benefit” as it was meant to be πŸ™‚

I am still sharing Murli points in articles, but as mentioned many times already; my main “meal” are avyakt Murlis at this stage of my BK life.

Therefore, I don’t know of any websites with the full Sakar Murli in them, and if I knew; I wouldn’t share that information.

Best wishes!

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  1. Protim

    Voww. Dear Bro, I am totally satisfied with the answer you dished out for me. A very tasty meal indeed. πŸ™‚
    And its true that i really did stopped to go centre for some time when i got better churnings at home. Anyways i see the intentions behind your role. But to my other sweet brothers and sisters i may recommend this which i have churned ‘’ . FOOD FOR THOUGHT.. πŸ˜€


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