Question: Dear brother, When I see two people argue, or in conflict while I am there, I tend to not get involved between these two as there might be some karmic accounts for those two are in conflict to settle, unless I have been asked to help or mediate. Is that the right way to do as I don’t want to inherit more accounts ?

Thank you for your good question!
Dear soul,

In life there are no recipes. Moral codes and scriptures; usually are good about giving “recipes.”
It depends on the circumstances and depends in what the role is calling in you at that point. That role will act according to your stage.

Whether we “try to help” or not is not the issue. To “try to help” is another way on displaying our hidden “ego.” We want to become “saviors.”
On the other hand, to mediate out of concern for the well being of those involved, is a different matter.

Righteousness is dictated by your inner feelings first. If they are right, then your mediation and behavior will be right as well. Otherwise, you will witness that your mediation will bring further conflict.

Likewise, if you decide “not to act.” It could be sheer indifference masked in the nice label of being a “detached observer” or sheer egotistical “I don’t want more karmic accounts” or it could be the way to bring a good resolution of the issue, when they work out by themselves without further intervention.

“Be” right and the doing will come accordingly. No recipes allowed.

Best wishes!


  1. Seeker

    Great question. “I don’t want more karmic accounts” again involves an element of “ego”. Even if I am speaking “truth” just to show to the world that I am “Truthful” or to unconsciously show to myself that I din’t lie is an ego , while ,if I am doing it because it came naturally that is “self”. That is , as Avyakt7 said, after speaking the truth I am not thinking about the fruits associated with it.



    I absolutely agree with you in theory. . I would very much like to live my life that way as I truly believe that is ‘real’. my problem is not understanding or being able to ‘be’ even when I can so clearly agree with your views. Why is my ‘awareness’ not awake when it is needed.
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    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,

      That is called, “being unconscious.” It is a “normal” behavior… but as we become more conscious or aware; then things will change, for sure.


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