“Positive thoughts” to be constantly Happy and Lucky?


In one article sometime ago it was expressed the impossibility of starting Spirituality through “positive thinking” alone; that is a “true” lasting change in the self.
This may sound a bit “rebellious” as there are many ideologies which put all their money in that “positive thinking” stuff for it sounds pretty and they believe in “positive thoughts” to change the “behavior.” As a matter of fact, BapDada talks about “pure feelings and good wishes” which in fact will give as a consequence “positive thinking.”

Is avyakt7 saying that Bapdada is wrong? 🙂

BapDada is right. We need to remember that “being” and “feeling” is a “true” way to convey thoughts, honest thoughts. Otherwise, without those feelings and change in our “being,” any sort of “positive thinking” is simply “fake thinking.” That is right.

That is the sort of “communication skills for coworkers” course that we can get from a CD at work, to become better “communicators.” Everything is based on “scripts,” without inner changes. It is all fake, all part of being “politically correct,” to cover our own selves in case there is trouble. It is a “strategy” to survive at work and to keep getting the paycheck.

Spirituality is not like that. Spirituality is concerned in true change of the being expressed through the feelings so the thoughts are of that same quality.

If I think “ I am a peaceful soul” how is it possible to experience peace if I AM to begin with, Peace-less?
How is it possible to think that “things will be alright” if I am pushing for things to go “my” way ? Is perhaps “my” way separated from life? Is “my” way “life”?

Is any “positive thinking class” a fake then?
No. The end goal is correct; but the “method” may need to be revised. This is not about “making up” positive stuff and to go out there smiling with a fake smile while the “positive thinking” class is in session or to put up a happy face when I am dressing in whites…. BapDada asked us on April 5th, to be constantly happy, that is obstacle free; that is a constant bestower of jewels… that is “equal to the Father.” How am I going to do it? By reminding me to smile at all times? By playing some sound in my cell phone to remind me to smile? 🙂

The knowledge of duality has the answer. Night changes into day automatically once night time reaches its limit; in other words; by being totally aware, without escape, by feeling that sorrow, that anxiety, that anguish, which is that “hell” in us; that is by being conscious on those things, then they will go away just like night time changes into day light. That is part of observing the self. That is the “work.”

If I am living in the night, in “hell,” I will not pretend that I know “peace,” that I know happiness and all of those virtues. To look up the words in a dictionary so I can start working on “peace” will not take me anywhere. To try to emulate the “elevated” behavior of someone, will not take me to peace. It is impossible. Why? Because I AM Peace… My vision is clouded, my consciousness is sleeping. By being aware of that negativity is how I clean that negativity out of who I am. Through “Yoga” I can perceive that reality of “peace” but… it will not be lasting, that is why; that peace that I feel today, it may be gone tomorrow unless I continue with that yoga; right? 🙂 A submerged sanskara does not mean permanent change. The beauty of yoga is to allow me to realize the “true” beauty of those virtuous through a connection with God, that is the easiest way to get “hooked” into self transformation, but let us be aware that “eating a candy does not mean to have a full meal.” God will not provide that full meal for us. We have to do it ourselves.

I need to start honestly where I am, and that is usually “darkness.” When I am in “hell” whatever I perceive as “happy,” is at the best a glimpse of what could be; for that negativity, those vices will be covering the “view.” True change starts with a change in consciousness.

Night changes into day without “my” intervention. By accepting one side, the other will come and that change will be at the “root” at the “being” so it can flow through the whole tree… and not through the leaves, the thoughts.

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