Question: Dear brother, The following points from your article is great. In my experience there is no easy escape and also the fake game will not work either. One question though, sometime we get tired as to how much longer we have to wait before we see the day light, as the suffering, and sorrow is too painful, should we keep moving along? “The knowledge of duality has the answer. Night changes into day automatically once night time reaches its limit; in other words; by being totally aware, without escape, by feeling that sorrow, that anxiety, that anguish, which is that “hell” in us; that is by being conscious on those things, then they will go away just like night time changes into day light. That is part of observing the self. That is the “work.”

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

When you “wait for when it will finish,” you are in essence “tolerating,” when you tolerate there is no “acceptance” of what is, but rather we can’t wait for things to change. When we do that, we are not living life in the moment and also we are not aware, we are not sure that “night will turn into day time” at its right time. We have doubts.

On the other hand, when we have that certainty, “tolerating” is over. It is senseless to complain about “why is there still night time?” or to fuss about night time or to reject night time or to talk about how terrible is night time, all of that “perception” is what is causing us suffering…. all of that is just adding suffering into the self… Night will change into Day automatically, whether we fuss about of it or not.

The day we get to understand this, we will be able to see that to “waste” energy in fussing and tolerating is just making us tired without any purpose.

Dear soul, in your question:”Should we keep moving along?” 🙂 You will keep moving along. The question is if you rather move along with a clean mind filled with “good wishes and pure feelings” or with lots of “painful thoughts” about something which is temporary and “natural” in the unlimited.

Best wishes!

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