Detached observer from the “little guy.”

Little guy

Throughout these writings we have seen examples from the avyakt murlis about the importance of being a “detached observer,” to experience soul consciousness. That to me is the first requisite to understand spirituality.
“Remembering Baba” is truly way more than remembering a point of light or Brahma Baba’s face and “visualizing” (meaning imagining) “elevated things to think about.”

The former is “good.” It is right. It is what it is. Nevertheless here, we are going into the exploration of the “depth” of Brahma Kumaris Gyan, which means to understand those teachings from avyakt Murlis.
BapDada has made clear that to have “all relationships with the Father” is the same as being a “detached observer.” BapDada has made clear that to remember the Father, we need to be a detached observer, etc.
That is the importance.

It is to be a “detached observer” to “think” about being a detached observer? Or to “act” like a detached observer?

Let us explore a bit:
Observe the self and you will find out that there are many thoughts. Everyone knows that. We can even recognize “waste” thoughts and “necessary” thoughts. That is great material for the first class of Raja Yoga! However, most of those thoughts become an issue to us, a problem, suffering; when those thoughts are “verbalized.”

That means when we hear this “little guy” (inner voice) talking to us and making up the most unbelievable stories about certain things which have happened either in the past or that will happen in the future. That “little guy” is indeed very powerful, for whatever “script” the “little guy” comes up with; we will believe it. Then, we will feel it and our body will react through emotions which eventually will come back to us as dis-eases if those emotions continue to run loose “unchecked.”

As long as the self is identified, meaning as long as “I” the soul believe in whatever this “little guy” comes up with, I will not be able to be a detached observer. If “I” identify with that story… then… you know what happens…
That is the number 1 challenge to be aware of in the path of becoming a detached observer.

Because to be a detached observer starts by being detached from my perceived own story. That is from that little story coming from the “little guy.” 🙂

Moreover, somehow that “little guy” has learned our own language. That “little guy” is capable of talking with us. Doesn’t that seem weird? I mean, why on Earth, “I” will need to talk to “myself” to let “me” be understood? 🙂 Am “I” that “I” or perhaps “me” or maybe “myself”?

This little “logical” riddle will make us see that we have all these different personalities in the self talking to us. Is that “normal” ? Yes, it is. It is that “sane.” 🙂 I hope you are saying “no.”

If we are able to have non- verbalized communication with us, then that “little guy” will be out of work.
This is very important, for “I” am bringing my past into this present every time I think about it, which most of the time brings some sort of “talk” by the “little guy.”

When you are by yourself, you could try to sit or eat and look how that “little guy” comes up with stories. I you are detached from those stories, then you are becoming a detached observer. If you are able to eat and sit there without hearing that “little guy” then you will be in “peace.” 🙂
That is the beginning of the experience of inner silence.

As an aside, today I took my car to the mechanic. Simple oil change and tire rotation. However, they found something else which was going to be a bit steep to pay…but there is a recall on the make and year of my car, so the automaker company maybe able to pay… You know the “script” from the mechanic- “I have “Good” news and “Bad” news for you… I will start with…” as I was hearing the story, I checked myself to see if the “little guy” would come up. He didn’t but some emotions came up which tensed my body in such a way as I started doing things “quickly,” rather than rhythmically by being aware of my movements. I wasn’t in complete balance anymore until I recognized that sensation… then I breathed in and out, centered and resumed life. Now, the Drama will dictate what is next, but I will be watching for that “little guy” and his stories as well as my own reactions to “life stories”… that is, I am beginning to “awaken”… Isn’t that nice? 🙂


  1. vvrisor

    How to keep contrl over “the little guy”, make him DUMB or SPEECH LESS or make the SOUL doesn’t understand the language, that “the little guy” communicates with the SOUL…that is the EXPERIENCE and PART OF THE DRAMA…! Thank you avyakt7 for sharing your WONDERFUL churnings.


  2. ram

    very nice… I think the first and foremost thing in spirituality is learning this … without understanding and experiencing this concept .. it will be just knowledge ……… no experiences…


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