Question: Dear brother, The tests in life comes in many form to get rid of the “I” ego, this could be loosing your status in society, jobs, property, health, and ,even family members, does this mean Once “I” the ego is lost before the tests make you do that, you will have everything , even though at that point it will not mean a thing?

Thank you for you great question!

Dear soul,

Once there is no ego, you will have everything for there will not be “you” to take it away from “you.”

Meaning is something that “you” give. When there is no “you” the word “meaning” is meaningless… 🙂

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    Dear soul:
    Here are the meanings that I found in the “on-line” Hindi dictionary. Did I mention that I do not know Hindi?
    Sheh: affection, fondness, love,friendship…
    Prem: lovingness, affection, love affair, inclination, feeling, attachment.

    Because I do not know Hindi, I do not know how those words are used in India. The issue is not in their differences, but how those words are being used, in which circumstances. That should give you the differences that you seek.

    They seem to be “forms” of love.. and that known dictionary love, can get us in trouble for love cannot be defined in its “pure” meaning, that is in spirituality.

    Best wishes!


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