Question: Dear brother, If It is mostly the past karmic accounts returning as disturbing thoughts and emotions, if one needs to somehow settle the accounts , can the suffering be minimized or omitted fully with being detached observer?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Everything that makes up our role is the consequence of karmic accounts. Collectively, we have developed the same “diseases,” and we call that “normal.” For instance, you watch in a movie when the “good, smart and handsome guy” is eating a sandwich while at the same time talking on the phone, and as his head is tilted on one side to hold the phone in between his shoulder and his neck, he grabs for paper and a pen to write something “important.” That type of behavior we have learned as a society. We imitate. In fact, that behavior demonstrates lack of fullness in life, presence in every action, which some call “meditation;” if you would; in every act of life. When is time to eat, then eat. When is time to talk, then talk.

Those karmic accounts will bring suffering in one way or another and being a “detached observer” is not only the “cure” of that disease, but it is a “sane” way of behavior, once we understand about the roles performing through us as well as the “movie of life.” In the “process” of getting there, we will have many experiences but soul consciousness resides in that experience not as a “learned behavior,” but as a consequence of the experience of our “true” nature.

In that experience we are in the stage known as “karma yogi.”

Best wishes!


  1. yoginder

    While the response covers the collective aspect well, it leaves the question about redress
    of the individual karmic account unsettled? May like to clarify please!


  2. avyakt7

    Cause and effect. As long as there is an “I” there will be a consequence. Settlement is another word for openness in consciousness.
    All the best! 🙂


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