Question: om shanti….I am confused with “cloning” done by the scientist , from where the soul comes in artificially made animal in a laboratory from a single parent gene….can you help…

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul.

A cell is alive. When that cell reproduces to become a grown up animal ready to live life, that is when the soul will appear. In Gyan, it is mentioned after 3 months of the embryo growth.

That “clone” will need to go through the same “growth process” whether that animal was born through regular parents or through a “hermaphrodite” reproduction or through cloning in a lab…

No need to be confused. Many ways of making bread… but bread at the end.

Best wishes!


  1. Seeker

    Dear soul,
    But if the cell is ” alive ” that means it has its own soul.. that is why it is able to ” grow “. Even if we talk about 3 months of embryo “growth” how can it grow when soul is not there?


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