On God and finding God


Perhaps one of the most important aspect of any religion is their focus on finding God, knowing God. That brings religions into a different realm.

For instance, Christians believe in having found God through the teachings of Christ. Many Christians have super natural experiences which they relate with God. Similarly, Muslims and likewise, other monotheistic religions, that is every “belief” has its own version of knowing God.

Followers then, will be happy to know that they “found God.” Followers had an “experience with God,” Now they feel to have the “truth,” they are “special,” the rest are in darkness and the “special” ones need to give the “good news” to the other ones. Let us talk about “Salvation.”
That is when “conversion” comes in handy.

Every religion has that theme. Every religion has their own “systems” to maintain their “belief.”

In the world of “beliefs” we have Science, with the opposite “belief.” They like to call that “fact.” There is no God, because there is no “tangible” proof of God. What Science does not “understand” is that you cannot find dolphins by searching in the city suburbs. The “fact” is that this becomes another religion with Ph.D priesthood followed by MDs. Different worshiping, same paraphernalia.

Then we have the religion of the ones in between, the ones who “don’t know” but will go either way. The ones who will go wherever the “wind blows” as long as they get a piece of the “pie.” That is “belief” by convenience.

Wars, fights, and “World History” has been made through “beliefs.”
Here is the “credo: ”This is my belief, for that reason it is the truth, and for that reason, I need to “save” you by changing you; even though it may be by force, or emotional “games”.. But don’t worry, at the end; you will appreciate what I am doing for you.”

So, we found God.

Then we humanize God and create the structure, the “method” to know God. We create a corporation, with rules and regulations. We create another way to “spread the message.”
Then some questions arise:
Shall we worship Him? Shall we “follow His desires”? Shall we “fall in love with Him”? 🙂

Somehow, we believe that God “thinks like us.” That “thinking” God may have a huge ego, then. He comes so we can worship Him…

On all of this, we see our own perceptions and ego trips to be the “special ones.” The point of this article is that it seems like every religion is missing the point on knowing God.

What is that point?

It is called self transformation. Dying alive. Perfection. End of report.

Without that transformation on the self into a self realized human being, nothing that we can “do or become” has any meaning, for everything else is transitory. Death will take it away and with that your belief will be gone, but your fears in your death bed, will be there with you alongside your “beliefs.”

Self transformation is a reality made in you, where “being” something is no longer in relationship with a belief, but you are the living proof of that.

Self transformation is very important for it becomes the way beyond suffering. That is to be happy, “now” not in the “bright future” but now.

That self realization is what has been forgotten by all religions, creeds and philosophies.
A “belief” has taken its place.

God as a wonderful experience is important. It allow us to see that we are not “alone.” Nevertheless, let us not forget that the “true” purpose of knowing God is “truly” self transformation.

The opportunity to reach our highest is within us. It is not about worshiping. It is not in “falling in love,” it is not in devotional practices.

If you have experienced God, if you have met God, that is wonderful. Now is time to work… That is, to be “like Him.”


  1. bksoul

    Beautifully expressed. While the very essence of spirituality is limitless and unending, we end up institutionalizing God himself within the periphery of our self defined rules & regulations! And at times, the divisional line between Spirituality and Religion becomes so obscure that we find ourselves, even in spirituality, enacting rituals bordering on devotional-ism. And finally, in trying to “Spread the Message” & “Transforming others” we miss the boat of “Self Transformation” squandering away that very essence, and defeating the very purpose of having chosen the path of Spirituality to discover the self!


  2. vvrisor

    This is a SHRIMAT for this SOUL.

    “Self transformation is a reality made in you, where “being” something is no longer in relationship with a belief, but you are the living proof of that”.

    Because we are human beings, this should go into the ‘AIR’ we breath, the ‘FOOD’ we eat and ultimately through the ‘BLOOD’ which runs through this physical body to the ‘HEART’ and ‘BRAIN’.

    Thank you avyakt7, for your wonderful churning for the benefit of aspiring SOULS, in search of GOD!


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