Question: brother as the professional work also is the part of our karmas so it will surely be making a positive or negative account though our intention may be good. suppose one works at alcohol factory he may be honest,dedicated etc but his contribution to the bigger picture is problematic.please comment on the work where one is asked to create blogs/accounts with fake ids to increase web it a negative karma?though he may think it as a baba’s task and do it sincerely.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

That is a tricky question for nowadays is very little that you can find 100% “positive.” Most is a mix.
If your action has ulterior motives and you are not acting from a space of “natural” good intentions, you will need to check your activity against some “written code.” Some “moral standard.” That is why, we “need to think” so much.

If I am vegetarian, Shall I quit my job in a Super store, because they have a “meat department”?
If one works at an alcohol factory putting the caps on the bottles, or to do the accounting shall this person quit that job? 🙂

It all depends on my belief system. For some, alcohol is not the issue but the people who have the “freedom” to choose. For others, alcohol is legal and so they believe “good,” but for other people alcohol is a way to induce a person into addiction and unconscious behavior… but then someone else will say that it is up to the one drinking.

The same thing with the creation of fake ids to create traffic in a particular website(internet marketing) What is the issue there? To create fake ids. What is the consequence on that? Who is hurt by that activity? What are the consequences? Ulterior motives? Something to consider.

Dear soul, It comes down to what you feel comfortable with, what you consider to be proper. Many times we do not know all the ramifications and we cannot reject “everything” for we do not know the possibilities.Therefore, observe, feel and follow up. As our wisdom increases, so our choices will be wiser, naturally.

Also, we should remember that we have the capacity to transform “negative” into “positive.” Once you are stuck in a “rejected” job for sometime while something else comes up, if you are dealing with people, you could be exactly what those people need to realize something to improve their life.

Do not reject. Accept and transform. That is change your karma. This applies to your question.

Best wishes!

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