Question: Brother thank you ever so much for sharing your understanding and experiences, extremely extremely helpful for me personally. What you are suggesting is that this which has no begining and no end, then the middle i.e. what I am experiencing is just an illusion/dream? It does seem real as that is the only experience I have. And now I must make an effort to be the best possible. Pardon me for saying this, I mean no disrespect to anyone. So ‘God’ could also be an illusion but seems real and necessary for my self transformation. Also, cyclical time with the four stages makes sense as it solves a lot of questions. 5000 year cycle is also probable. However, I had a few doubts, what i understand is that once a soul enters into this plane, it stays on till the end of the cycle, is that for all souls? Even ‘messenger souls’ who lay foundation for major religions? Moreover, I do not have much knowledge/experience but you have a whole lot of people using angels / spiritual masters from subtle realm to guide them. So our these subtle energies also part of the drama and they have always been doing that or could there be something else. As one of your links points to findings where they point out that earth is orbiting in a spherical path, so could that mean that we are also moving in that path with each cycle taking some souls to higher states as well? Or is this again my ‘ego’ trying to find answers for soul capacity. Many many thanks.

Thank you for your great questions!

Dear soul,

Ah! We are going into the interpretation “game.”
I am not saying that what you are experiencing is neither an illusion nor real nor a dream. All what I am saying is that whatever you think/feel/perceive that you are experiencing, is not “you.” That is all. Detached observer. The points in these sharings are meant to go in that route, to discover the self.

In that apparent inoffensive phrase “I must make an effort to be the best possible,” lies lots of issues with our long friend “ego.” By discovering the self, there is no need to be “better” for you have found what “is.”

About God. What do you think God is? What do you think BapDada is? Is it true that what you “think”of God, is truly God? Are our thoughts able to grasp God? So, you have an experience with God. Does it mean that someone else who had another experience but it wasn’t with Bapdada, did not have an experience with God? Haven’t Sakar Murlis mentioned that according to our “faith” so our experiences?
Do you think that God is a point of light sitting in Parandham? Is that thought God? πŸ™‚ Isn’t that just information?

Dear soul, As mentioned many times and in different ways throughout this blog; before knowing God as He is and how He is, I need to know the self, experience the self. Why? because God is a “soul,” and I am a “soul” as well. Isn’t that what Gyan says? If I have not experienced “I” the soul, can i know God? Knowing is not words, concepts, pictures and faces. Knowing is being. Experiencing. Therefore, you want to know God? Know the self. Not because the self is God, but because by experiencing that soul consciousness, I could be like Him. See? One more item which has been repeated many times already: There is no separation at the soul level. Separation only exists at the physical level. Something to churn about. πŸ™‚

According to Gyan, all souls who enter this Drama, must stay “in it” until the end of the cycle, either by taking rebirth or by “being there” without taking rebirth for some “time.” However, it is assumed that God is the only soul in the Drama who could “come and go” as He “wishes” but yet, He does it as it is in the Drama.

In my experience, at this time you will have “positive energies” as you call them “ascended masters” or “angels” or “beings of light” or however you want to call them, which offer a “service” to humanity as Brahma Baba is doing to Brahmin souls. All of that is part of “Godly energies.”

In this avyakt Murli is clearly expressed: “Therefore, do not be afraid. In order for you to face anything, BapDada the backbone will be revealed through any being at any time and even now is revealing Himself.”

Also, you have the “challenging” energies. Called “darkness.” All of that is “real” for some. Not real for others. As an article expressed about “reality” what matters is how that experience “transforms” the self. That is the bottom line. There is a point where we cannot longer figure things out intellectually. It becomes worthless, for it only fills up our intellect with “new” ideas; which we think is “knowing” but it isn’t. It is just information which will not reflect a “true” reality for we cannot put “reality” or rather our “experience” of reality into words or ideas. Words cannot express fully that.

Finally, according to Gyan and “my experience,” this cycle of time is eternally repeating. “the fly passing by now,” is an eternal “movie” which will be shown to us again in another cycle, which will be, just like this one… πŸ™‚

Best wishes!

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