Comments on Avyakt Murli, April 14, 2013

The fast effort form the present last period. original : 1-22-76

This avyakt Murli has many jewels which all are related about going into the experience of the self.
Externally, it is about the following: Not having desires,” do service” to the self and others, to be a great donor like Lakshmi, to give that which we don’t have for giving is receiving, to have all attainments, to fulfill the responsibility of love to companions, to be jewels of contentment… anything else?

How all of those “keywords” could be related with the experience of the self?

The Murli mentioned: “If you are a soul who is free from limited desires, because of being contented, you will always be seen as a sparkling star with a look of happiness. Contented souls would be always selfless and would always experience everyone one else to be innocent (blameless.) “

Form this point is that the rest of this “churning” will be developed.

If we are not to have desires, and then we observe that we are discontented because we do not have a particular attainment, then BapDada mentioned, to “give that which we are lacking,” for giving is receiving.

I wonder how many souls have realized the “beauty” of that apparent contradiction, which we could find through “churning.”

How can I give something which I do not have? Something which I have not attained?
For instance, Can I give love, if I am not “love”? How can I not be “love” if as a soul, I am love? 🙂
Because I do not realize that which I am. That is, I cannot have Self-respect until that is realized at the practical level. This is not an intellectual riddle.

For many, this will be about “making up” what we “think” love is and that which we “think” love is will be returned to us (for giving is receiving) and then, we will say: “How come I am giving love, but I am not receiving it?” Simple. What we “think” is love, is not love.

How can we serve the self and others at the same time?
We will “think” in terms of separation. This is “me,” and here are the “others.”
But BapDada has mentioned that “giving is receiving,” so how can I make a distinction between “me” and the “others” if what”I” give is what “I “get”? There is no distinction in reality. That is why by working in the self, serving the self, that is self realization, automatically “I” am serving others.

However, there is no self realization if “I” perceive myself as “distinct” from “others.” There is no “true” service if I have the “desire to serve others,” because being that a desire, BapDada has mentioned that we need to be “free from desires.” Therefore, that “I” of “ego” must not be there.

The “I” can truly be “contented” for I am “self-less” and when I am self-less, I am contented. When I am contented, I have all attainments and when I have all attainments, then I am “truly” serving for what I give, is not really giving, for there is no one “giving” (self-less) so it is a “true” donation, bestowing and as a consequence, “I” will get that in return… so truly, I only gave to “myself.” 🙂

The above could be a little challenging to understand, but really behind the “simplicity” of words, lies something deeper, which we need to perceive to understand. Otherwise, it will be about “putting the happy face” to make-believe to others that we are content, but we are not. We are just “acting.” “Double actors.” 🙂

However, when we have tapped into the seat of self respect, that is soul consciousness and we have that true remembrance from the heart , that is experiencing it rather than intellectual dreams; then that reality has “true” contentment. We cannot keep that when there is truly no “I”- ego- thus, it will go into “others,” automatically without “desiring” it to be so.
That is we will become, “instruments” of the Father without “desiring it.”

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