Question: Dear Brother, I am so thankful for your blog as it is answering/ clarifing so many points for me a relatively new student to BK. I have searched and read all the articles on this site regarding’ ‘drama/ always beneficial’ and am still puzzled as to how/why is this ‘benificial’!! I know Baba has said this but I can find no explanation for this. Is the drama beneficiaa for all the souls ……or a selected few? If we say numberwise then when / how did the auditions take place (selection)? If it is beneficial for all the souls, would you kindly share your thoughts, churnings and reflections on this? Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

Thank you for your kind words and great question!

Dear soul,
Aren’t you thankful for this blog as it is answering so many questions? Isn’t that “proof” that this Drama is “beneficial”? 🙂
You searched all over the place. You asked so many people and finally, your search received its fruit. Beneficial, isn’t it? You didn’t plan on this blog being written, neither did I. I just happened at the right time. Beneficial.

The Drama is neither “good” nor “bad.” It is “beneficial” for ALL SOULS, for it will take us to our point of highest capacity (low entropy) so we can experience after that our point of lowest capacity (highest entropy) so then we can repeat the circle again. In other words, “you will be you again” Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂

We are “numberwise” for otherwise we wouldn’t be able to experience “entropy.” Without entropy, there is no experience of duality. Without duality there is no experience of “living and dying, pleasure and pain, fame and defamation, black or white.” See? You know all those things because you are experiencing life. In short, without being numberwise, there is no Drama.

Auditions? Selections? 🙂 For that there is a need of an “I” -ego to recognize that “I” am being selected for this role. Souls do not have that perception. Only in “body consciousness” there is that perception of “I” being separated. We are all “instruments” of this Drama. No role is “better” than anyone else, for the same amount of happiness experienced will have its counterpart in sorrow.

The word “capacity” does not imply as “better” than “lower capacity,” for comparisons do not exist in “reality,” in the Drama. That comparison is only a “mental” idea, a thought which does not fit Gyan. We are using the terms which we were taught at school to understand something “new,” which is not possible to do.

Has Brahma Baba more capacity than Hitler? Yes and No. Paradox.
Yes, because Brahma Baba will experience greater happiness but at the same time greater sorrow. However, “Greater happiness” does not exist. 🙂 My happiness is all I know. I cannot know if my neighbor has greater happiness or has experienced greater happiness or will experience greater happiness. See? Therefore, what is the point on looking for an “audition” when all roles are “the same” but “different”… 🙂 – I love those paradoxes…
No, because there is no point in comparison. We are numberwise. Both souls are different, although the same in essence, that is souls.

In short: Whatever role you get, is “beneficial,” for it will take you to “now” again after many births. That role fits you perfectly like a glove. It couldn’t be any “better.”… In this Drama there is nothing like “becoming better or worse” those are terms that we have been “brainwashed” with (but necessary to use in order to explain and to make myself understood somehow.) We are all eternal, experiencing life in different ways. All “beneficial,” all necessary, all accurate.

Best wishes!

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