The mystery of the relationship of time, thoughts and words


Many times we have listened to BapDada speaking about time, thoughts and words, Sometimes those items are talked about independently and some other times, BapDada mentions them together.

What is the significant of it?
Below a Murli excerpt to illustrate this point:

“What did Baba see? Up to now, your account has not accumulated as much as it should have. Your time, thoughts, and words, are being wasted. Whilst you are moving and walking around, the importance of this time has not emerged in your awareness as much as it should have. If the importance of time was constantly emerged in your memory, you could use your time in a much more worthwhile way. You are spending your time throughout the whole day in an ordinary way. You are not spending it in a wrong way, but in an ordinary way. Similarly, the thoughts you have are not bad, but they are wasteful.” (AM November 30, 1999)

As we can see, BapDada mentions, time, thoughts and words together; but then, BapDada will concentrate on the issue of “time.”

Time is a creation of our mind, our thoughts. In that sense, time is an illusion. We describe that illusion through the use of words; thus, our words are made to make alive something which is an illusion.

For example, if I think about someone; whether that thought is good or bad, it is not the issue; the main issue to understand is that whatever I think about someone is an illusion of the past. There is no one who could remain the same. “Reality” is that we are continuously changing. A thought about someone is like bringing a picture in my head and using that picture to “label” a person. “He is like that…”

Through the illusion of time, we can bring that picture with us “for a long time,” thus, we are not in tune with “reality,” which is dynamic change, but we bring the illusion of thoughts from the past. The same will be if we “have a good picture” of someone. Still we are bringing things from the past. We are stuck with an image which is not real and many times, we could suffer because we hold on to that picture rather than seeing the reality of change. ” You weren’t like that, what has happened to you?”

That is by all means, wasteful thoughts. That is “daydreaming.”

This disease, prolongs itself when we use words which are made to express a “dead reality,” either the past or the future.

“Remember last time, she did that to me, That was hurtful, I anticipate that she will do the same now.”

The issue is that that “now” is not “now” but a future which has been anticipated before it actually happened.

Our language is a problem and the insanity of it, is that our thoughts have created that “problem,” and those same thoughts pretend to “resolve” the problem through the use of more words.

That is why, it is considered “elevated” to speak little. That is something that we are not acquainted with in a society where “talking a lot” is rewarded as “entertainment.”

Now that we see a glimpse of the relationship of thoughts, time and words, we should ask if there is a way to “get out of it,” and the answer resides in bringing the “atemporal” state of being a detached observer. Time is trapping us, for our thoughts are numerous and chaotic, as we perceive time shrinking on us, our thoughts increase and so our words, all of that is “neither good nor bad” but wasteful. All of that brings anxiety about “time.”

That is when BapDada needs to “go at our level” and talk about the recognition of “time.” However, let me assure you that if this wasn’t the “confluence age,” still the possibility to experience the self, to awaken our consciousness is there and that is not wasteful. That is “time” well spent.

According to our thoughts, it takes time to awaken. However, when this “trick” of our thoughts is perceived, we can realize that the only time we have is “now.” That is the time for awakening. It doesn’t have to be “tomorrow,” for “tomorrow” may never come.


  1. Bipasha

    Hi, I was wondering about the 5000 years. Is it possible that humans were here say 6000 years ago and it was another cycle as this one. The last 1000 years of kalyug for that cycle which started 10000 years ago. Since time is cyclical. Also shouldn’t the population in 6000 year ago ( the end of kalyug for that cycle) been higher and closer to our cycle.


    • avyakt7

      Thank you for your question. In BK gyan and logically, we can see that if we are talking about a cycle of time where we can recognize our “future” and “past” where we can recognize “predestination” then obviously that cycle has to be repetitive. You can make that cycle as long as you want. In BK knowledge it is 5000 years; however, it must eternally repeat itself due to predestination and recognition of past and future.

      Best wishes!


  2. Anil

    Dear soul, it’s an interesting article. I need clarification on : Is it waste to think about our past role and future role (i.e deity role) because presently it is not a reality? Baba asks the children to do drill. In the drill, we try to think of our past and future roles. your comments please?


    • avyakt7

      Great question!

      Dear soul,
      Baba explains in different ways for different intellects. Today He may talk about the experience of the soul, tomorrow, He may use the drill, so our thoughts are not scattered, but focus on something, but then the following day He will talk about the seed stage or to become a “detached observer.”

      What is the purpose of a drill? To manage our thoughts. To make us feel an experience, to recognize that which we have been. Can we become “detached observers” by thought management? Is there a need to practice a drill to become a detached observer?

      Those are questions that everyone of us need to ask ourselves.

      BapDada presents many methods for the different intellects of His children, for as you are aware of, we are numberwise.

      Finally, we cannot generalize as “all or nothing.” If I see BapDada on TV, the only way I could recognize Him is because of the memory in my mind, which is the past. Is that wasteful? No. It is necessary for recognition. However, recognition is different than giving a label a content to someone. That is waste.

      Best wishes!


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