Thought and Thinker – The thought which creates God as a thought

Above is one of the most lucid “talks” I heard on finding out the contradictions of the “one thinking” and the “thought” created by the thinker. We see it as “separation.” – “I must be this.” That is a thought. The thinker is of the same quality as the thought coming. Therefore, the thinker and the thought are the same not 2 different things.

In this realm of separation, is when we see everything with intellectual understanding. As Krishnamurti explained, in this perception the whole being is not involved so, it becomes a partial knowledge of something only through intellectual understanding and that is why in my view, even though we can “understand” knowledge, there is no inner transformation.

Also, Krishnamurti talks about the thought of God. Which is a creation of thought. The thought is not God. The things that we can speak about God are not God. Those are just thoughts about God. Intellectual, partial understanding. Words, thoughts in time about the Timeless.

On that, I could add that to know God means to experience that which is “like God,” the soul, for in that experience there is no longer separation. “Like the Father.” However, that is a personal experience which cannot be explained through words, and that is why even though spirituality is one, we see different teachers with different words trying to get to the same point. Self transformation.

As we go deeper into Gyan, we could “understand” the paradoxes of “being” and non-being,” that is the self and ego. Going beyond that machinery of thoughts, we can feel the meaning of being “absorbed” in complete attention, to be in the “moment.” Then, we will see that there is no “me” in that experience.

This knowledge will allow us to understand today’s blessing in the Sakar Murli (4-16-13): ( Blessing from avyakt Murli)
Blessing: May you be a great renunciate who renounces the respect and position received from service and
who attains imperishable fortune.

The practical fruit of the elevated actions and service that you children do is to be praised by everyone. A server
receives the seat of elevated praise. You receive a seat of honour and status; you definitely attain this success.
However, this success is a step on the way, it is not the final destination. Therefore, renounce it and claim fortune
through that. This is known as being a great renunciate. The speciality of an incognito renunciate is someone who
renounces even any trace of renunciation.

First, anyone can understand the points on renouncing praise and success. But the depth of that blessing is not in that, but in the last part: “The speciality of an incognito renunciate is someone who renounces even any trace of renunciation.”

The only way that I am aware of to renounce renunciation is when there is no “I” renouncing, that is when ego is gone. Then at that point, there is no effort, no need to renounce.

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