Question: I find that situation, people, events, sanskars and karmic returns will force (not the right word) /create the path and lanes to bring you to the level of spirituality you are supposed to be in per drama. Ie. John who is not a gyani soul but in a life situation, where he might have lost his dream job, or his family members he is attached to or become sick and cannot take the suffering anymore that might make him look for the real meaning of life where he might end up becoming a gyani soul if it is in the drama, and further, he might explore more to gain deeper experience, but for Ram who is a gyani soul would be happy with the little experience he has and continue with his spirituality as what is supposed to be in the drama. Your thoughts?

Thank you for sharing your good observation!

Dear soul,

John and Ram are part of the Drama, their roles are needed as they are for they are connected with other roles in the Drama.
Some souls will have the roles of “angels” others, will not. Are souls who have the roles of “angels” better off than other souls’ roles? Is the kid who received the role of a tree in a play worse off than the kid who received the role of a prince?
The kids are just playing a role. Just a role. The kids are not the role.

Some souls have the capacity to “die alive” now. Others, are enjoying themselves now. The grass is green by the neighbor’s tree “now” but that will change, even if in another life. That is why the Drama is not “forcing” anything (as you pointed out, is not the right word) but it is “allowing” every actor to reach their “destination,” their “next stop.” Because it is a circle, a cycle, there is no question about being “better” or becoming “better.” Do you see that? Basically, John is “making effort” to become John again… and Ram is “making effort” to become Ram again… and avyakt7 is making effort to become avyakt7 again… πŸ™‚ Then, we ask: Why make effort? Then I respond, Why not? πŸ™‚ Those who have it within their roles, will do so. Those who do not will not. At the end, Ram will be Ram, John will be John and avyakt7 will be avyakt7 again….

Now, let us see what the Sakar Murli mentioned today: 4/18/13:

Question: Who is a satopradhan effort-maker and who is a tamopradhan effort-maker? What is the difference between the two?
Answer: A satopradhan effort-maker promises and makes effort to claim the full inheritance from the Father. He races to stay in
remembrance. He has the aim of claiming number one. A tamopradhan effort-maker says, β€œWhatever is in my fortune is fine!
It is fine if I become a subject.” Maya causes such obstacles for such souls that they drop out of the race.

Once we read this, then we think: “That brother avyakt7 is just sharing his own manmat. Baba wants me to make maximum effort. Baba wants me to race in the race of remembrance. That avyakt7 brother, is a tamopradhan effort maker…whatever is in the Drama he says…”

Right? πŸ™‚

When there is ego, we want to be “number 1.” That means, “I” am different than anyone else. “I” have accomplished something. “I” want to be an “emperor” in the Goden age, that is “my” “aim and objective.” “I” must not be “tamopradhan,” “I” must be “satopradhan.”

The paradox is that to be “number 1”, we need to become ego-less. See that? Would an ego-less being want to become #1? Would an ego-less being “do things” in the Drama as “I am doing this now, making “my future” for the “better”? Would that person accept a setback in life seeing that it is an ego shattering experience or will try to fight it to become “number 1”? See the paradox?

Therefore, By becoming ego-less we become number “1” WITHOUT WANTING TO BE NUMBER “1.” If we want to be number 1, there is ego and with ego I cannot claim my “full inheritance.” Didn’t BapDada mention about not having desires in the last avyakt Murli? (4/14/13) Isn’t wanting to be number 1 a desire? πŸ™‚ That is a “pure desire” I hear… right… and “I” am using “pure” gyan… πŸ™‚

However, Baba was dealing with “little children” who will not understand these things but become lazy due to not having an experience of what it means to be ego-less. EXPERIENCE not talk.

Here, we are dealing with seeing BK knowledge with greater depth.

Getting to be ego-less is arriving at the destination. The comparison of what is “satopradhan or tamopradhan” is duality. Being ego-less is to be out of duality. It is to be one with the Drama, like a leaf floats on the waters of a river… the current is set, the destination is there… there is nothing to “do,” but to “be.” Enjoy. become easy. Experience that which is eternal. Become a Kid in the eternal play and not a role.

Best wishes!

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