Question: The ability to be detached from the body is a wonderful thing Especially when you are sick and in pain physically. The question is, does the detachment from thoughts lead to detachment physically? Or use the thoughts as pointers to go into that state?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

There are different levels of “detachment.” Athletes can feel pain and go over it to finish a race. Obviously,there is no thought of “pain” at that time, but once they finish the race, their bodies will pay the price of not stopping “in time.” Pain is a warning. When pain is unbearable, we will lose consciousness. In between, our thoughts will be enhanced as pain increases. If we could stop thoughts on that, we will be like that athlete. That is sort of like my experience.

Detachment from thoughts, or being “thought-less” is a state of higher awareness, as long as there is the perception of the “true” self, the being, the self, the soul. In that state there is “absorption,” that is; there is no longer “you.” If this state could be maintained strongly, “I” am guessing that it is possible not to feel physical pain; but that is not my experience yet.

Therefore, to answer your question, “it could lead” as long as that absence of thoughts is due to the perception of the being, the self- and this has to be a very strong state of being… but hasn’t been my experience yet… nor “I” am in a hurry to find out šŸ™‚

Best wishes!

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