Question: brother, as our aim is to become soul concious..we should not involve in much body related activities.i am asking this as you shared your experience once that being spirituality your first priority you left your therapist job. do these type of activities make a difference? then what about hair cut, manicure, pedicure, spa, ayurvedic massage treatments which all require touch of others. keeping in mind that body is trustee, its to be taken care also to maintain proper hyegiene. should people with sprituality as first priority keep a distance with them?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

What I shared is that the “Drama” made that happen in an “unexpected” way as far as leaving a regular massage therapist job. I also shared that massage therapy allowed me to get acquainted with the vice of sex lust and to be able to understand it and thereby, go over it.

Therefore, things happen for a reason. Everyone’s karma is different. That skill is always useful and I will not deny it, when it is required. When you go over something, you go over something, but there always have to be the popular “checking the self,” for once a spiritual rose is blooming and it is surrounded by the stones of the past, then those stones could always destroy that rose. It is very easy. We need to be careful but never fearful.

As mentioned before, our state of consciousness is the most important item. The type of work becomes secondary up to a point. As we progress in the spiritual path, changes will occur in what we do as well. It is a total change. Thus, there is a progression when spirituality is what we pursue. We need to learn to add before knowing how to multiply. Once we know how to multiply, I cannot say that “addition” is bad or not needed. It is a sequence. One thing leads to another. One thing builds upon another.

When dealing with the touch of another individual, it is important to feel at ease with that person’s energy; for there need to be a high level of trust in touch to enjoy its benefits. Find someone who you can trust, who is a positive individual (spiritual) and who loves what he/she does…and try, experiment, watch, feel. That is learn.. 🙂

Best wishes!

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