Question: Dear Brother, Am in gyan for some years , i enjoy listening to murli and attending classes,,,listening to sr brothers and sisters . But am not sure what seva i can do .This question haunts me . As others would expect me to give small talks ,meet people and give gyan ,dont know why it drives me far away. Can u guide -what seva means and its importance

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

“Seva” or “service” is the consequence of self transformation, through Gyan (Knowledge,) yoga (experience of the self and God) and Dharna or (inculcation of divine virtues.) That is Raja Yoga 101.

In a nutshell, as you change yourself then automatically there will be service on the same extent, because we exist in relationship with “others.”
“Service” is not something that you “do.” It is the consequence of “being” transformed. In that, you can make “photocopies for Baba,” if your consciousness is the right one, so you are irradiating peace; that is service.

One more time, your “doing” is always in function of what you are. You cannot benefit anyone unless there has been benefit on the self first.

“To do things” or adquire things for the benefit of others, depends on your resources; your “karma.” But to “do things” as to everything you “do” is service; that means to be “service itself,” then you do not need to worry about “what to do” anymore.

Best wishes!

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