Question: dear brother om shanti in the last AM of this season (05/04/2013), Baba gave us a slogan to ramain happy (always) and make others happy. But moving forward in this journey, I sometime feel that it is a little difficult to stay happy (always). I think it is due to the reason that … since many births, our happiness depend on external things & now being a detatched observer, sometimes we cant create happiness by our own and sadness arise. brother please share your experience.

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

Happiness is not something that we “do,” neither that we “make.” As long as there is the consciousness of “I” the ego, there could not be happiness.

The “I” is related with thought. When we think based on outcomes of things happening to “us,” we identify with those things and all of the sudden those outside items have the power to control “our mood.”

There is a state of being which is not dependent on outside situations which have been colored by thoughts. The only “trick,” is to get to experience that state, the “self.”

That “self” is happiness. Our thoughts are the only thing in between.
This is not theory or something that I read someplace. We could experience that in meditation. It “comes” as a karmic consequence, from “being in that practice” with love and dedication. Thoughts come as “curtains” to cover the sunshine of bliss which is that happiness that we are looking for. Once those thoughts are weak, that consciousness of feeling that bliss emanating from the “real” self, is experienced and through that, the curtain of thoughts begin to disappear. It is a “cleaning process.”

Through our own awareness (That is the effort) we should be able to bring that “happiness” in our everyday activities, knowing that whatever is happening around us is really like a “movie.” In this way, those things will lose value (That is one aspect to know about Gyan) and then, through the quality of our thoughts, we will be able to observe those things which we are attached to, which are robbing us from feeling bliss…as we experience further bliss in the consciousness of the self, those thoughts will go away.

To verbalize and rationalize things as saying: “those things come from other lives,” it is part of knowledge; but as you are finding out, it does not help us to gain that happiness.

Dear soul,
This is the “game” of consciousness. Spiritual happiness is non-dual, thus; it is not really the word happiness to refer to, but bliss. In that experience, everything else loses its grip on us. Every morning will have a different “bright color.” 🙂

Best wishes!

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