Question: What is the status of sukshma vatan. Is it exists for ever or only exists in sangam yug ? I know it has nothing to do with spiritual growth but sometimes becomes necessary to know.Hope you will not mind it. Thanks.

Thank you for your question!
“Sukshma vatan,” is the “Subtle region,” in English.

Let us find out.. πŸ™‚

Gyan tells me that there is no time in the subtle region. If there is no time, can the subtle region be created or destroyed? πŸ™‚

It is always there. We just become conscious of it at the Confluence age (Sangam yug.)

Best wishes!


  1. Chetan Makwana

    Sukshma vatan consists of 3 main puris. Brahma Puri, Vishnu puri & Shankar Puri. If we consider Baba’s Murlis He says that I create Sukshma Vatan when I come down in the Sangam Yug. If we also take in to consideration Vishnu so Brahma & Brahma so Vishnu we can correlate the two aspects i.e. Vishnu Puri & Shankar Puri always exist. When Shiv Baba comes down he creates sukshma vatan i.e. Brahma Puri. The Vishnu in Vishnu Puri becomes the Brahma of Brahma Puri not Prajapita Brahma. Thus from the Brahma Puri Shiv Baba carries out his work through Brahma & other farishtas or Angels. Shiv Baba says like Brahma Baba we all have our complete [ Sampoorna ] light body in sukshma vatan and just as Prajapita Brahma became Avyakt Brahma when he reached his Sampoorna stage similarly when we reach our Sampoorna stage we will also become Farishtas of Brahma Puri. Then once Satyug starts, Brahma Puri will vanish and Avyakt Brahma will become Vishnu of Vishnu Puri and we all will become the devtas of Vishnu Puri. Farishta so Devta. One thing which should be very clear is that the Devtas of Satyug are human beings with divine virtues. Shiv Baba has many times very clearly said that we are actors and human beings with devi qualities in Satyug and the same soul become human beings with Asuri virtues in Kalyug.

    Vishnu Puri & Shankar Puri are the subtle worlds where lot of action takes place. But at present we have become full of vices and body consciousness that Shiv Baba does not give us any information of these worlds leave aside having a glimpse of these worlds. I also will not like to go in further details as it may hurt the Egos of those souls who think that they are going to be the real devtas and there are no other Devtas in the subtle world. Only once we BKs destroy this Ego within us we will get a partial knowledge of these Subtle worlds.

    We will have to become Sampoorna Pavitra then only we will be able to experience the beauty of the Angel World which at present some souls are.


    • avyakt7

      Something “time-less” cannot have beginning nor end… As a matter of fact, everything is time-less, but in the physical world we call a change “death,” and then, there is a need for “creation” and therefore, destruction… All understanding according to our consciousness..


      Best wishes!


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