The unlimited vision of “purity and impurity.”


One of the most used words in the BK vocabulary is the word “purity.”

In the Sakar Murli, purity means “brahmacharya,” that is celibacy.

The distinction was between those who followed a celibate life style and those who do not. Then, the distinction between “non-celibate” and “celibate” was replaced with a word which has a higher “respect,” and “importance,” that is “purity.”

“They are impure…” came to be a phrase of distinction.

As we heard the Avyakt Murli (but perhaps we forgot for we only hear it once a week) the word “purity” as BapDada uses it, encompasses more than celibacy, that is our words, thoughts and actions are without vices.

In English, purity means: “freedom from adulteration or contamination,” or “freedom from immorality.” The term also applies to the absence of vice in human character.

If we use those dictionary words, we can see that the popular: ”they are impure and we are pure,” is far from the reality. Why??

Raise your hand if you are free from contamination. 🙂 That is if you are free from vice…

Thus, it appears to me that unless we have reached the “karmateet” stage, we all belong to the “impure group.” How about that?

In the unlimited, that is in the Drama, we will see that every soul will experience their higher stage of virtuous living in their first role in the Drama, and from that point; it will decline.

Therefore, it is not that there is a clear distinction between a vice and a virtue. It is the same thing but in different degrees. Positive side and negative side, if you would.

In other words, detachment will become attachment after so many births. See that?
Therefore, to try to “get rid of attachment” means to get rid of detachment as well. 🙂 That is why only greater consciousness can give us back a virtuous behavior.

To put this explanation in different words, let us say that there is a battery. That battery when fully charged is called “detachment,” that same battery when empty of electrical power, is called “attachment.”

What is important to see is that the moment in every soul when power reaches 50% will be different for we are “numberwise” and that capacity of holding electricity is different among batteries.

The tricky part to recognize in this example is: at which level detachment becomes attachment for the first time?

Suffering is the gauge.

The point is that we cannot have a blanket statement that this one is “impure” and this other “pure” for there are many levels of that.

Moreover, the word “pure” is continually used as a source of pride and ego, when there are indeed very few at this time who have reached that state of being viceless.

To avoid that problem of labeling with the connotation of making a huge difference among human beings, when as demonstrated there may not be that much difference for “we are mixed together in a bag of candies,” with the only difference that some realize that and others do not; then the question is: which words can I use without hurting someone but at the same time, to be able to express with greater accuracy; when suffering makes the distinction of detachment becoming attachment?

Then, the words “identification with form” came to the rescue.

Those words are used by Mr. Eckhart Tolle in his explanation of suffering. (By the way; I truly recommend reading his book: “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” Any Bk who is seriously studying ego, will receive lots of benefit. Many times I have found many of the explanations that Gyan gives there, with just different wording. As we know, Mr. Tolle does not have knowledge of the Drama so there will be some shortcomings, but as far as the study of ego, emotions and thoughts and the experience of the self which he calls:”Presence,” he has done a pretty good job in my view. There are only 3 books in my life, which i have read from cover to cover and this one is one of them.)

Those who suffer are identified with the “form.” That word “form” not only means physical form, but also our mind making an “object” out of everything. For example, if someone who I was waiting for does not show up, then my mind will make an “object” called feeling left out or forgotten and even not getting respect. That self created suffering is an “object” created by the mind which does not exist (for we do not know the “real” reason for the person not showing up.) Once we find out that reason as to why the person did not show up, we may not take it that personal.

Those words also fit nicely into the concept of “body consciousness,” which have been misinterpreted as denying the body.

Yes, we are caught up with words.

Then that attachment comes, when we first start identifying with a form.

See how nicely it fits? Otherwise, we will have to say: “that attachment comes when we first became impure.” 🙂 Which is completely meaningless. Why do we become impure? Drama… 🙂

In short, I feel that the words: “to be identified with a form” is a much better fit than the loaded word “pure” and also “impure.”
In those words, there is no separation among human beings and at the same time those words are able to express what happens in the “Unlimited” Drama which is beyond the “black and white” wordings of “pure and impure.”

One comment

  1. puresoul

    thank u dear soul , ur thoghts are deep and easy to understand
    i want to add a hadith : a saying of mohammed , the prophet of Islam, peace be upon him; on this kind of subject:”actions are based , and counted, on intentions.; and every soul has what he intented”that explaines quiet good , the purity is an internal affaire , an intention , an energy , and this what make really the distinction between what is pur and impure.when the soul is completly combined with the superm soul , it acts as if the supem soul would act , and this is complet purity.and then it’s clear againe that i am not what i do, but i am what i think. and this is how drama fonctions too. and thats why baba says :” surender every thing by intellect”., “remaine pure while staying in ur family…”

    hindouisme had sanyasis , and had pur food, and although , Baba came to establish the purity relgion him self


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