Question: Dear brother .Vardan of 26apr =Karmbhog ko karmyog me parivartan karo………. kindly explains what karmabhog is , and how it can be changed to karmyog. thanks

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
The blessing mentioned this in English:
Blessing: May you be fortunate by becoming an instrument for service by transforming the suffering of karma into karma yoga.
Karmic accounts of the body should never be experienced as obstructing your attainments or your path of effort. Your body should never stop you from doing service. A fortunate soul becomes an instrument for service of one type of another even at the time of the suffering of karma. Whether your suffering of karma is minor or major, do not expand its story. To speak about it means to waste your time and energy. A yogi life means to transform the suffering of karma into karma yoga; this is a sign of a fortunate soul.

I know very well a BK soul who has deep karmic accounts with her body. She had experienced great amounts of pain to the point where she was almost about to leave her body several times. I mean, I have seen and experienced her pain through my emotions and my inability to do nothing about it… but just watch. Amazingly, this soul had the strength to “put herself well” while there was some “service” going on. BapDada helped in that as well due to her courage. As soon as that “service” finished, she was back with her painful diseases again. A karmic account needs to be settled.

She learned to overcome many of her ailments by developing and above normal capacity to endure physical pain. She was able to set her mind to go over it. Also, the Drama gave her the opportunity to express her experiences to the public through a radio station.

There, her listeners felt “understood” for many of them had diseases as well and didn’t know how to deal with them. She was merely relating her experiences and how she was able to overcome them through the knowledge of Raja yoga and her experience of God. Because she had first hand experience, her listeners felt understood. Her experience of suffering helped people to deal with their own.

That is transforming karma bhog into karma yog.

Best wishes!

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