Question: Om shanti Brother ,U have been answering all the questions so wonderfully , that i feel u are doing what Brahma baba must have done those days , answering answering to all the queries small or big which would otherwise delay our pursharat. Thank you very much . Please give your introduction also.

Thank you for your kind comments!

Dear soul,

There is no much to know about me. As a matter of fact, it is good that you do not know me for if you knew me, you wouldn’t be taking these answers so wonderfully !! ๐Ÿ™‚

It is sufficient to say that Spirituality is where I am totally engaged into. I am committed to it and I am open to life, the experiences that come with living and teachings. Self realization is very important for me.

In life I had great teachers, not Gurus but teachers, who didn’t “teach” but through their “being” I was able to learn.
Let me just do a brief, “recap” on those teachers and their teachings.

For me BapDada’s teachings are about self transformation and love. BapDada uses love to get us to do things which otherwise, we wouldn’t have the courage to do them. Love to God. Through BapDada’s teachings I was able to “reform” my life and learn again to feel from a life based on intellectual “living.” I learned about the importance of discipline to reform the self from experiencing entropy at this time.

I had the teachings of a christian soul, “Bill.” I learned about his commitment to things. He was there to listen and he was always someone who I could count on. I learned about reliability with him.

From Mathias and my “double sister” Patricia, I learned about deeper levels of friendship and about doing things without an ulterior motive by respecting the position where everyone is, at the time. To know the balance of love and detachment and to know the difference between love from the mind and love from the heart. I learned about love from the heart with them.

and.. the BK family in general, for without them I wouldn’t be able to test those teachings.. ๐Ÿ™‚ That is the space where these writings come from.

Best wishes!

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