Question: Dear avyakt7, When asked by a SOUL about your introduction, you wonderfully gave your realizations in your post. This SOUL would like to know on a famous QUOTE in SPIRITUALITY: “knowledge is only an achievement of the brain, whereas realization is the awakening of the soul”. Would you kindly share your CHURNING on it, for the benefit of SOULS in search of realization?

Thank you for your kind words, dear soul. Thank you for being a wonderful supporter of this blog through your participation! 🙂

I’d like to change that quote a bit: “knowledge is a virtue of the soul. It is wisdom. The issue is that we have forgotten it, because we have forgotten our “true” self.

Then, spiritual teachers will be necessary to allow us to remember that. That is BapDada for us BKs. When we use only our intellectual understanding to make sense of teachings without realizing that the teacher is pointing us into our own inner search, then; we will make out of those teachings a dogma, a rigid body of “knowledge.”

That “knowledge” is merely intellectual. Hollow. It just requires intellectual understanding. It will make us good speakers and good writers, but not “new,” self transformed human beings.

On the other hand, a realization is the understanding of the heart. There, the mind and the intellectual thinking is not needed. It is the unconscious “old sanskaras” catching up with the conscious the “new” sanskaras, so there is automatic change. In that change there is no repression nor renunciation.

A realization like that is true understanding….Awakening of the soul!

Thank you for your thoughtful quote, dear soul!

Best wishes!

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