“Brainy” questions :-)

Questions keep turning around in my mind, cannot sleep … Here are some: – why does Baba keep saying that he is not omnipresent .. (I keep explaining it to myself but it is like rationalizing) – why is there the mentioning of a sort of elite group the BK’s (not just some group somewhere in the cycle but no, elite (Baba;s special children, loves you the most etc.). I have difficulty in accepting this, also because of what I hear non-BK’s say, very wise souls too! – why does Baba limit his teachings to our own actions, he is not giving a wider picture than f.e.: the stars are there to lighten the stage etc. Also of Paramdham he does not give a lot of info, etc. it is like he focuses on souls IN the world but then he speaks about what they should be (future) IN the world. – why do we have to be so “obedient” why not more encouragement to use your own heart/mind/forgotten powers and qualities. Just because of ego’s sake? what is good about obedience. I can follow someone who’s qualities I respect (if my heart feels ok), why obedience, ego-problem? – why not more encouragement to use the virtues in the old world (lotus like), to spread pure vibrations in our actions? sometimes I feel that the idea is that i should not be here anymore, should ignore the old world as much as possible. Sometimes I feel that Baba (sakar murli’s, children) /the jagya is just keeping us busy with all the “assignments” so that we can do as little as possible in the outside world. (also: avyakt points for the month etc. etc. , I noticed several times that no one at the centre notices if yesterdays point is read today again. So many “duties” just done for the sake of doing). If I am to be of some “worth” then it should be now, and now, and now and .. not just obedience. I know: actions should be in state of egolessness etc, still I keep stumbling over “obedience”. What about studying/learning to practise to be self sovereign .. Om shanti πŸ™‚

Thank you for your questions, dear soul!
Let us hope that these answers will allow you to sleep good.. πŸ™‚

1) Why Baba keeps saying that he is not “omnipresent”? Because He is there, but there is the belief that He is everywhere.

2) BK elite group question: BapDada plays the role of the Father, as explained before in another article. When BapDada plays that role, He does a “good job.” πŸ™‚ For a father, their children are the best of all.

3) BapDada’s teachings: Every teacher has his own style. Why does Christ had to teach using parables? BapDada uses “now” but also the “future” for to know what will happen in the future is part of this knowledge unlike any other.BapDada is like a poet in his way of teaching in avyakt murlis. Poetry does not know about logic or reasons. It is about feelings of the heart and when we are open to feel that, the heart feels fulfilled. If we are looking for teachings for just the mind, we have ” raw gyan,” which is intellectual, mechanical thing about how the Drama occurs or works and repeats. However, we can only admire the beauty of it when we forget about our “analysis” and our “logic.” That kills the beauty of the heart, feelings… and poetry.

4) Why do we have to be so obedient? πŸ™‚ We don’t. We are still in this “thing” for many years, right? Probably we have not been that “obedient” after all. πŸ™‚ In the “childish” language for the “children,” obedient is something that my dad would ask me to be, specially while living in his house and under his rules. Fortunately, I grew up and that line does not apply to me anymore.

Dear soul, don’t get caught up in the “baby-ish language.” As BKs, we are at different levels. Spirituality is not the same for everyone. However, BapDada will always “talk to the very beginners,” that is the “little children.”

If you become a spiritual “teen-ager,” and you are still hearing “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed,” everyday; even though you realize that the “doctor” in that nursery rhyme is like BapDada; you will realize that you could do many things besides “going to bed to sleep.” Here is the song, if you never heard it… You will get my point on this… πŸ™‚

You need to keep in mind that Sakar Murli’s settings and circumstances are not like now. At that time, Baba wanted for the “little children” to be there and study so they claim their “inheritance,” and was looking for ways to motivate them to “make effort.” Situations are different now, although the aim may be the same.

Dear soul, in Spirituality, obedience is not to do what someone else tells me to do, but to listen to the inner call in life. However, to be able to listen properly takes sometime, it takes some discipline, some reformation. Otherwise, it would be to listen to our own vices.

That is why, in life; we are students first and then hopefully we will move on to something else where we could make our ow desicions in life. To be a “mamma’s boy” or a “daddy’s boy” “forever” is to hurt our own capacity for growth.

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    πŸ™‚ Not being in the concept of “I,” takes the concept of “omnipresent” away as well, for when there is no “I” there is no one to be “omnipresent.” As mentioned many times, our language confuses spiritual things…our thinking moist of the time is in that realm.

    We say BapDada. That is the combination of God with Brahma Baba. As we know, Brahma Baba is the father of BKs, so God is along in that “ride.”

    Your “respect” to a senior puts your feelings at discomfort. It is good to have respect to all, but at the same time to know that we are operating from “points of view.” That is why, knowing the self is the “best” thing that we can do for ourselves…so until then…



    • pmmcur

      thank you very much for your reaction/answers. I have a question about the cycle now: Could it be that it turns slightly spiralling so that every cycle there is exactly the same performance but not necesarily by the same souls as before? Or indeed by the same souls but in a slightly more subtle state .. (however: karma must be changing then) Idea of ascending of all togehter …


  2. pmmcur

    thank you very much dear brother for your very prompt answer! Cannot listen to the song right now but I can guess what it is about .. (I think one of the reasons I did not sleep was not being tired …. πŸ™‚ also too much going on in the mind so I meditated afterwards and did an early amrit vela … ) More thoughts came up this morning however: Like: – as we learn/remember that there is no “i” when we are in our reality, how can Baba not be omnipresent? – do I understand correctly that you are saying (about the father taking care of his sweetest “elite” children), that he is that kind of father to all “kinds” of children, so in fact to all souls? It must be like that says this soul … :-). – I am recognizing what resonates in my heart: this souls feeling of “this is true”, my remembrance, when I have a feeling of a bigger picture and i get the impression that that is not appropriate for a BK. – a much respected (by me) senior keeps talking about obedience and following, I was hesitating about my own feeling about that (I know that I can be very stubborn). But all my life I also had a very sharp functioning antenna for what was right to me and what was not right; I was taught not to trust it so sometimes it still is a bit confusing to me we. now in my bk life I have again to (re)value it it seems.


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