Ego, Golden Age and Eckhart Tolle

Interesting to note how nowadays, we have different philosophies and approaches to spirituality but all of them seem to point to the same Self Realization, Awakening, Soul consciousness, etc.

This video explains how the “Golden age,” or “Paradise” (depending on your belief) depicts that time before the presence of ego.
Ego appears as a consequence of that entropy which is what gives the experience of duality.

Note how in Christianity, some of the teachings of Christ point to egoless-ness when well “interpreted;” that is from those who have experienced the experience and not from those who only have the degrees (known as “experts” and dwell in “theory.”)

Ego is not “bad” but part of that experience which we call life. It is through the experience of ego, how we will return to “soul consciousness” again, that is awakening.

As Mr. Tolle explained through one of the teachings of Christ, (the parable known as “The prodigal son”) that is how we will go back home, through the understanding of that ego, or by “conquering ego.”
“Back to the Father’s home;” (as in the parable) which is a well known line in Brahma Kumaris.

Good video to watch:


  1. T D Joseph

    Giving a new touch to the parable of prodigal son is really enlightening! in the parable, father sending the message to the lost son is not there–this may be the reason why it was not properly understood. But Ekart Tolle’s discernment that Father did so has to do with reality, made it complete. It matches with truth now unfolding, and reminds everything Baba now does, because of which we are now back home with our Beloved Father!
    Thank you very much for posting this–it is too wonderful!
    BK TD Joseph, India


  2. vvrisor

    Thank you for sharing the evolutionary process of ‘EGO’ and back to our home PARANDHAM, ‘SUPREME FATHER’, INHEIRATANCE and Golden Age through REMEMBRANCE, YOGA & SERVICE.


  3. Cathy Laws

    I like how you point out that the ego isn’t bad, because his book mentions how we tend to categorize everything as “good bv evil” when really, it is what it is. thanks for sharing!


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