Question: After watching Awakening with Brahmakumaris with B.K Shivani I have started meditation,I have question that you say hurt is our creation so I am ok with it that we should not get hurt.But what should we do if someone criticize my parents or our near ones,infact I also feel bad when people without knowing the spiritual knowledge by brahmakumaris give their bad comments.If someone say ill about me I will handle it but what should my thinking process if some one says ill about our parents after marriage.This creates lot of disturbance while doing meditation

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

This knowledge is one of the deepest one, if not the deepest; but please be aware that I will be replying and writing according to the questions coming. Some of them require greater depth while others are simple and straight forward, nevertheless; challenging if the response comes from a thought process.

At a deeper level, suffering comes with the presence of ego when it does not accept the movie of life as it is. In Brahma Kumaris knowledge, we know that there is a “movie” going on. We call that movie, “the Drama.” We also know, that this movie is eternally repetitive. Basically, it will repeat the same every cycle.

Therefore, we see how foolish it is when we reject what we are experiencing as part of the movie, the Drama.
Therefore, we have DESIRES. This is the knowledge which Gautama, the Buddha; gave us. We were happy repeating that without knowing that by wishing that this movie was “different,” is like wishing that a TV program was different while watching it. That wishful thinking creates suffering. See?

Then, ego wants to change things around, rather than having the openness to let the “actors” act until our “part” comes in. The “part” will come. It doesn’t come when we “thinK” that this “is my part” which is out of a reaction. A rationalized reaction. If you have been able to follow this, up to this point; then your questions are answered.

“Your parents” are souls playing that role. WHen ego has the sense of identification with a “part” as “this is mine,” (I am their child) or “their part, is part of me,” then there will be suffering for we will feel threatened.

So let me ask you. How would you react if instead of experiencing that your parents are being insulted, you experienced that with friends of yours? what about neighbors? what about someone who you never seen before? That is what we call detachment. Detachment is related with fairness in a way, for there is no “role” who is directing my activities.

Then, in that space, when you are not affected as “These are my parents. I cant let that happen,” in that space of being grounded, the role will appear in a peaceful way, without trying to retaliate to the ones insulting.

You could act in many ways according to your role, but when you act in a peaceful state of being, then you actions will be accordingly. That is the important aspect.

There is no need to get all excited about a TV program. Enjoy it as it comes and act in that peaceful attitude. If you feel “bad” about a TV program; you will not enjoy it.

Meditation is about getting you in that peaceful state. As you mentioned, if you keep that negativity due to not understanding about this TV program, which we call “life,” you will not be able to get into that peaceful state of being.

Best wishes!


  1. neha

    if every thing is predefined than whats a meaning to make a hard word sometime i feel that this all is just vwasting of my time is it right that my past karma never be overcome by my hard i lose in my ambition in my life again and again just because of my past deeed.i hope you give me satisfactory answer thanks in advance.


  2. Abhishek relekar

    I have one question…my mom is only in bramha kumaris since last 10 years..but we family members are not…she follows all rules & regulation of eating…but she is now not allowing to eat meat at home ..she says if u eat meat at home i cant show bhog to shivbaba…but all family members want to eat meat at home….what to do sister shivani??
    Please answer my question?


  3. Charu dadwani

    Om shanti,
    I would like to ask sister that after watching your episodes i get convinced but face difficulty in implementation in real life… For eg: i should not create anger, jealousy… Etc…but when i got irritated i create anger… At that time it comes in my mind that i should not create it… Then also i do so and realise after sometime… What should i do.. Pls..suggest ??


  4. Ishan chauhan

    plzz plzzz plzzz tell me about what is om( sound) of silence ?
    All Master-Souls, whether Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and countless others, were conversant with the practice of the divine soundless sound


    • ahnanda

      OM is the sound of the Universe. It is called the soundless sound, because it is everywhere but yet, we cannot hear it… πŸ™‚



    Once again your response to the above question isa helping me see what is “real”. I have been disturbed by some unhealthy habits of an adult child and have been projecting a dire future for him as he continues on that path. By reading your churnings, I am becoming aware that I want to ‘fix’ the drama so it will be how I want it and also what is needed is to just observe and if I cannot be ‘the detached observer at least to use my thoughts positively and create a vision of health and wellness for the soul. Would you agree with that?
    Once again thank you for the wisdom you share!
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