Question: Sweet Brother, your churnings of gyan are really beneficial for me. Thanks to BABA, DRAMA & YOU. I feel and believe that I was there in golden and silver ages but is it possible to remember the incidences or the experiences that I had at that time?

Thank you for your appreciative words, dear soul!
The aim of this knowledge is for us to “remember.” That “remembrance” happens to different souls in different ways.
Some may have “flash backs” of that time; others may have dreams about it; yet others have soul recognition of other souls and the self. For others; it will be a sense of belonging, of being part of; and yet for others it will be to understand gyan at different depths. All of the above, will give you that “clue” that you are looking for.

In your case, if you appreciate the churning shared here, it is evident that your understanding of Gyan is what gives you that “clue” about belonging to the Golden and Silver ages. As you know, not many can understand these things, and even less put it in practice; that is to be “practical” knowledge.

Best wishes!

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