The avyakt stage : The beginning of practical spirituality


Everyone does service through their mouth, but alokik service is taking someone beyond through your eyes. If your eyes always remain cool and spiritual, then you can take others beyond through your divine eyes in one second. It takes at least seven days to serve through the mouth. Your eyes should be a mirror through which they will see the image of BapDada, and they will become loving in one second.

The more subtle your stage becomes, the more there will be avyakt attraction. The more there are corporeal feelings, the less there will be avyakt attracion. An avyakt stage is created when there are no attractions to the corporeal. An attraction to the corporeal will distance you from the avyakt attraction. So you have to renounce the attraction to the corporeal. You have to go beyond this attraction. When you are in an avyakt stage, the corporeal cannot attract you towards itself.

February 13, 1970

Gradually all of you will develop the stage in which you will be able to know, in advance, what is inside each one. This is why you are made to practice this. The more you stabilise yourself in the avyaktstage – whether someone speaks through the mouth or not – the more you will be able to know that one’s feelings in advance. Such a time will come. This is why you are made to practice this.

If you consider yourself to be a guest, then you will be able to remain in the avyakt stage, whilst being in the corporeal form. A guest does not have any attachment to anyone. We are guests even in this body. We are also guests in this old world.

July 17, 1969

Do you experience the avyakt stage? When there is experience of the avyakt stage, the effect of that lasts a long time. The experience of the avyakt stage is a powerful one. As much as possible remove yourself from the corporeal stage, and stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage. Whilst in this stage there is less effort and greater attainment.

See the avyakt stage in front of you, and make effort to become that. “As is the Father, so are the children”. There shouldn’t be any difference. You have to remove any difference by becoming introverted. Does Baba ever become disappointed? Is he ever afraid of the situations? So why are the children afraid?

You have to become complete with love. One who has love has no consciousness of anything else. Since you have already died, why should anything be difficult? You have died haven’t you? Those who are dead are burnt. The more you die from yourself, the more you will meet the avyakt form.

June 11, 1970

If you have moved forward in your avyakt stage, your activity will be spiritual. To what extent have you become spiritual whilst living in this world? You have to check this.

January 18, 1970

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