Question on Mansa Seva

om shanti sweet brother.all of ur explanations help me a lot to realise the gyan in depth and also gives me the power to overcome the blockages that come in the way of my spiritual journey.thank u to my Bapdada and to u,dear soul.Now i am asking another question to often says us to do mansa seba as it will be the strongest means for the final period.i want to clarify it.does it mean 1 give positive vibrations 2 create positive thoughts to spread in the atmosphere 3 to give vibrations through dristi and smiling 4 to take the farista swaroop and tour around the world or placing ourselves on the globe spreading positive vibrations question is does the vibrations i send really works?how can i realise that?it may be that by doing so i feel good bt do the souls or the nature really receive it? how can i get the practical proof of their improvement?may be it is an unneccessary doubt i am creating bt to me ,who does not get enough chances to do yagya seba for being a housewife ,i want to do much of mansaseba for the painstricken souls allover the world.pls suggest how can i remove this doubt.thank u in shanti.

Thank you for your nice question!

Dear soul,
BapDada is giving you that “end result.” Smiling is not something that we “practice.” It is not something that we “act” and fake to others. Smiling is what appears automatically when we are content, happy. If you have seen someone with a very frank smile, you will know what I mean. It is not about showing your teeth or making a face. A spiritual smile is the outcome of a happy heart. Likewise with thoughts. You think something, we can put it into the “wasteful,” “negative” or “positive,” baskets. BapDada teaches us to transform “negative into positive,” but also He has taught us to “be” merged in remembrance so we could be used as instruments.

Dear soul, as a housewife you have plenty of opportunities to do “seva.” Your immediate family, relatives, when you go shopping, etc. The only thing that matter is your internal stage. “Service” comes from that. Therefore, I urge you to have greater experience in meditation, then those vibrations and that drishti and that smile will come out automatically without your thinking about it. That is “unlimited seva” dear soul… 🙂

The proof that it is working for others, is when it is working for yourself. Check that you are changing, transforming and “others” will tell you that, when they see that; you know it is working…

Best wishes!



    Once again I am’ getting’ this K more and more and not just being a student of ‘the word’ . Every thing depends how I use it in my understanding to ‘transform” myself! The word ‘transform’ has taken on a new meaning, The questions that have been posted here , have been swimming in my mind and I have not had the courage to face them. Thank you to all the souls who have those issues in front of me and to you for shedding light on them!
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    • avyakt7

      Thank you! 🙂 As long as we don’t become just “K-mart” that is “knowledge smart” and rather we put all of this into practice, things will be good! 🙂


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