Question on remembering God

Dear brother,As i have listened Rajyog CD by sister shivan i have question,she said about one example where we have to imagine our home and have to imagine all our family members and with this example she wanted to convey message that as we dont need to put our efforts to remember our family member in the same manner we can remember god,but my question is that suppose i remember my mother because i have good memory with her that how she cared for me,what did she do for my career etc Although i have full faith in god and der is no doubt in his existence,but how to remember him without any memory with him.As i remember ganeshji one image is there in my mind,if i remember laxmiji then there is image ,but what image should be there in my mind while doing meditation .How can i feel his love,peacefulness,

Great question!
Dear soul,
I appreciate you honesty and inquisitiveness. Here is the “typical” answer: “Visualize” a point of light. “White point of light in a golden redish background emanating power to you and lots of love…”

As you can see, if You have never had an experience of God and someone tells you to “imagine this, because this is God;” someone like you may ask that question….If you are not good in “visualizations” then you are out of luck… 😦

To remember an image is not spiritual remembrance. It doesn’t change you. It doesn’t transform you. It only uses your mind.

That is why,it is suggested to “feel the self.” That is what meditation is. It is self-recognition. in that consciousness is when the experience comes. It is not something “visual” but something that you will be able to feel; to feel the self. From that point, you could experiment with more.

These writings/sharings have expressed that once you experience the self, the soul; in that “remembrance” there is automatic remembrance of God, for there is no separation at the soul level. That word “separation” is taken as “omnipresence” by those who are trapped in the intellect and logic, but that experience of “oneness” can only be described with insufficient words.
There is beauty and fulfillment. There is completeness.

Dear soul, Some had the opportunity to have an experience with God that came through a vision.That is a nice visual. Some can only “think” about the word God and believe that thinking and using words to describe those thoughts is the experience of God. Finally, some will be just happy on seeing BapDada in a meeting and believe that they have “experienced God.” That is they took a picture of Him or even experienced “powerful drishti.”

Dear soul, There is no full experience of God until there is self transformation; the rest are “hooks” something to keep us interested in exploring self transformation. That is why we need to start with the self, the soul; because that is the only thing that we should dare to know completely, “who am I?” without more words but actually experiencing it, feeling it. Don’t you think? 🙂

Best wishes!

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