Conquer the mind to conquer love


The above quote is attributed to Shakespeare. I can see that he didn’t know love from the heart.

A thought comes, then an emotion arises. That emotion changes the way my body feels… I call that feeling; but it is not a “real” feeling from the “being,” but an emotion which has duality in it; that means: today I feel “happy,” tomorrow… “sad.”

One of the strongest emotions to feel is “falling in love.” That emotion means to be “overpowered” by something or someone.

That could be beauty, that could be power; that could be intensity.. even for some; violence. As we can see all of that is about how “something makes me feel.”

Because the mind is connected with a strong emotion, our mind will remember that particular incident, that particular individual who brought that sensation in me, that emotion.

As a matter of fact, our mind will be so mesmerized with that “fix,” that we will create thoughts just to sustain that experience. Once we create thoughts, we are making sure that we will remember that person, that incident; that scene. The “vicious” circle is enabled: Thoughts bring emotions, those emotions feelings which in turn creates further thoughts….

As the power of that emotion increases, the need to possess appears. If we have found a “lover,” we have the need to possess. We need to make that source of that emotion, “ours.”

That is how jealousy appears. That is how insecurity appears. That is what we call the “Drama” of love.

When the mind wants to possess something it kills it. That is why, love cannot exist in the mind, for duality is residing there.

“I love you if you are with me. I will hate you if you leave me.”
That love of the mind brings hate. That beautiful experience of feeling love will bring ugliness.

Out of those experiences in life, many move along without hope of finding “true” love. It appears as the problem is with finding the “right person.”

The issue starts with our mind.

As we learn to go “over the mind,” that is; to connect with that “inner being” by becoming centered in anything we do, there is a space created between the actor and the action; because of that space we could discern that whatever goes on in the mind is not really “real,” but just an emotion, a thought which when unchecked is affecting the body, it is affecting the self and its interactions; it is creating a “roller coaster” of emotions which we become addicted to. Some like “drama.” That makes them alive.

Love cannot be in sorrow. It is not a “roller coaster.” That is why, love is the fruit of freedom. That is freedom from the mind.

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