It finally happened! – Time to forget


During Amrit vela today, the mind was throwing its usual thoughts about “me in relationship with others.” As the realization came that “the movie must continue,” a sense of easiness came, a sense of letting everything go.

Magically, the heart opened and feelings started emerging. I was sending those feelings to those souls in my thoughts. That created the space for the heart to be clear and thoughts to go away… 🙂

The mind was at ease. It allowed me to connect just with the heart.

No more thoughts, just pure feelings which brought that experience into a blissful one. I was centered, in the moment; aware of just feeling. It was the “being” the soul feeling.

I went for a walk.

The feeling of self-less love was there. A sense of communion with Nature, as I was looking at the trees and hearing the birds, the mind wasn’t thinking. It was quiet.

The mind was out. I wasn’t counting birds nor reading any labels or signs in my path. Nothing which will make the mind to appear.

I was looking, but I wasn’t there for a few seconds. In that realization, a smile turned into giggles.
I saw beauty without a name. I felt part of it without “I” being there.

The heart started sending feelings of bliss, which were overwhelming. In my elation I just uttered: “It is boundless.”

Don’t know what that meant.

It was at that moment when I thanked God. It came naturally. At that point to say “Baba, Baba” was truly sweet. Those words just enhanced those indescribable feelings… tears almost started to come out but my smile kept those tears from flowing out.

Finally it happened… it happened… then… I thought.. 😦 going back home.

Some may call it “remembrance,” others may call it, “self awareness,” others may call it “yoga,” others may call it a “Godly experience,” others may call it just a “blissful” experience. Others, may say that it wasn’t real…Many names one experience.
I cannot deny the experience, but I am uncertain of the source. No more naming.

I just know that I found it.

I decided to write this and share before I start to forget it… because “that” needs to be forgotten so something new can appear.

Will not make the “effort” to have it again. That is the opportunity the mind wishes to have. Then, everything will be about attaining this again… and the pain of not attaining it… That is the duality of the mind. I will let it happen, at its own time.

I would like to call that experience “communion.”

Finding that… is the time for celebration.


  1. bk Sk

    Wow.. what a beautiful experience. I am having a difficult experience these days. I am so clinged to my thoughts, my rights and my wrongs and my relations which have hurt me that I am not able to move on and I find myself very trapped with my own ego and my own inability to move on. This has made me self centered and a weak effort maker.



    Dear Soul, once again thank you for showing me how and what ‘yoga’ can look or feels like. I am learning to open to the beauty of the self and so move away from the constant judgment of the ‘naughty girl’ that is the soul(self). Always feeling I do not ‘know ‘ what ‘yoga’ is and so has almost given up on amrit vela as the only emotion I connect with the word is ‘failure’ . Thanks to you I can see a different ‘scene’.
    I will save this sharing of yours and read it to help me not to go to my past convictions and be open to what is possible.
    Thank you
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    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,

      Thank you for your continuous support and enthusiasm!
      There is no need to judge ourselves but just enjoy what we are doing, that is; to make it special. Amrit Vela could be that time. Express those feelings. Feel and let the mind be quiet. Love God and the whole world, send those feelings with great depth and you will see that your “bhavna” will become your source for spiritual experiences, which will lead you into self transformation.

      Talk to yourself in a sweet manner. A failure is nothing else but a step for success as long as we have the courage and determination to continue in this path of “ups and downs.”

      Become a child, so you can enjoy going up and down… Laugh with Drama.

      Best wishes!


  3. karishma Jain.

    Omshanti brother!
    Congrats for the wonderful experience. Even I have experienced feelings like this a few times. But never able to name it or explain it. Sharing it .When I am remembering baba, listening to his songs or even while I am cooking, walking. My mind becomes still for few minutes. . . No more thoughts at that time . . Complete silence. . .I used to ask sisters or elder people who are in rajyoga at centers that I have such experiences. Is this wat is yoga is coz I was not sure . .


      • avyakt7

        Dear soul,

        Yes! It was yoga for you at that time. As your stillness changes and your feelings deepen, you will have a different experience. You will know that it is yoga for it will transform you into a calmer, peaceful being… that peace will turn into sweetness later on…

        May you continue to move forward in the experience of yoga!


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