Auspicious Confluence Age By: BK John – Netherlands

Auspicious Confluence Age:

Where Illusion meets Truth
Vices meets Virtues
Weaknesses meets (Spiritual) Powers
Limitations meets the Unlimited
the Perishable meets the Imperishable
Death meets Birth (Life)
Mortality meets Immortality
Finite meets Infinite
History (Past) meets Future in Present
Body Consciousness meets Soul Consciousness
Devil meets God
Old meets New
Corporeal meets Incorporeal
Darkness meets Lightness
Body meets Soul
Chaos meets Still Point
Impurity meets Purity
Discontentment meets Contentment
Obscurity meets Clarity
Decay meets Creation
Alloy meets Gold
Stone meets Diamond
Childishness meets Maturity
Time meets Eternity
Ego meets its True Self
Destiny meets Origin
End meets Beginning

Love & Remembrance

Om Shanti


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