It is my “effort” or my “fortune”?


The question of “my fortune” or “making my own effort,” usually comes up in souls who have thought a bit about the concept of predestination.

Question: If everything is predestined, how is it possible then to be “my effort?” that is the million rupees question! 🙂

Then the “typical” politically correct answers will say something like:” You don’t know what you did in the last cycle, so you have to make effort.” But then we hear something like: “What Baba can do, if that is in the child’s fortune!”

Then, my favor politically correct answer, arrives: “It is your responsibility/effort before something happens. After that something has happened, then it is Drama/predestination.”

Sounds good huh? 🙂

At the same time, that answer proves that what is truly important is not the “before” or “after,” but the “NOW.”
Neither what happened yesterday nor my golden age status, but “now.”

Now that we have a better handle on duality, then we can understand something else; we can really grasp the concepts of “being and non-being.”

Those words weren’t my invention. Quantum physics talks about it as well as some scriptures.

Since predestination (Drama) is the opposite of “Free will,” /”my effort.” Then… we can see that both concepts are complementary of each other, just like day and night. That is duality….

So… it is “my effort” or it is “my fortune”?
Both at the same time… 🙂

Any rational, logical analysts out there who cannot understand that concept of “unity of opposites”?

Of course, all this rationality is just to display the illusion of “power of words.” In reality those concepts are just a description… just information… words… their utility resides in making us “think.” 🙂 and keep the mind busy with knowledge…

The experience of living life is beyond those things. That is why the key is to experience the “being,” the self first… so then, we are ready for “non-being.” 🙂

Wait a minute… Baba hasn’t mentioned those words… that is your Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, New Age “manmat”! 🙂

Being is the awareness of our existence. The physical world. Non-being is the soul world. Seet? 🙂

Spirituality is beyond religions…


  1. (.)

    could it be that being is related to just being regardless of consciousness? could it be that we are what we are even without being conscious of it? : )


  2. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    In the Sakar Murli, Brahma Baba task is to let the children know that God is their Father. To rely on God, to love God. By using the “father” figure (We know that father is a bodily relationship) Brahma Baba used the “inheritance” idea as something which God will give the children if they “do this and that” and love God more than anything else.

    That “inheritance” is the Golden age. According to Gyan. The Golden age and Silver ages are called “Heaven.” The most numbers of births that could be taken there is 20 (8 golden age and 12 silver age) The other “1” birth could be in between the “official” start of the Golden age. According to Gyan, through the law of karma we will get to “go” where we deserve, so there is no such a thing as God “giving something.” However, this was an useful story at the time when trying to teach Gyan to the “children.”

    Remembrance in the time of Sakar Baba was about using the mind to remember the Golden age and to remember God as tools to create “disinterest” of the “old” world. That remembrance has been changing in time as we see it in the avyakt Murlis.

    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes!

    PS: On your note: “Dear Brother in this website there is column on the right side :feeling like thoughts ‘–what is meditation , what is love etc ……am not able to open it ,,,where can i find it ….pls reply tks.”

    Dear soul, those are messages in Twitter. Those are “my own little quotes.” If you can read them, that is all. 🙂

    You can join twitter to receive those quotes…


  3. ns

    Dear Brother cud u explain in detail about Inheritance ,what Baba speaks of (remember Baba remember the inheritance) and how it last for 21births ( what and how does it last )


  4. T D Joseph

    Nice and simple conclusion for most complicated subject–being and non-being:
    “Being is the awareness of our existence. The physical world. Non-being is the soul world.”
    Thank you for that!


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