Question: It is realized that Karmateet stage is being aware of things, situation, people and events as they are, instead of interpreting or labeling with our mental concept or adding more to it. Also the biggest mistake one can make is to have the desire to attain this stage in the future as it will never happen as you have mentioned in one of your articles yesterday heaven is something we will attain in future as this is out of pure ego. Your thoughts?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

Being a detached observer or karmateet, is to observe the movie of life without being affected by it. That is our emotions will not be affected neither our thoughts in a dual way.

Words have duality in it. thus; it is hard to express spiritual understanding through a language which supports duality.
When BapDada refers about having “good thoughts,” it is not just to “produce good thoughts,” as when I say: “I should be sending good thoughts and pure feelings to so and so…,” but “good thoughts” are a natural exchange with the environment through feeling happy, content in the experience of soul consciousness. Some religions like to call that “compassion,” BapDada calls that “mercy,” or “cooperation.” In that karmateet stage that contentment will be there.

The same is with the word “desire.” Some may be thinking:” but there are “pure” desires… to become karmateet is a pure desire….”

Any desire is a desire. A desire is mind. Mind is duality. When there is duality there are 2 things that will need to be experienced: “good and bad.”

Rather than a “pure desire,” the word that we can use is “commitment.” In Commitment, we have an ongoing relationship with Spirituality. This on going relationship will bear its own fruits according to our efforts/fortune at a particular time. It will happen, but there must be commitment; just like in a relationship.

Because BapDada is our teacher, we have a commitment. Experience the difference between those 2 words: desire and commitment.

As we are caught with words, it is necessary to experience something so we could try to share it by putting it in words. In the quest of words, we could get entangled with rationality and logic. The paradox being that a human being nowadays thrives in rationality when in fact, is the most irrational being there is.

Best wishes!

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  1. Bimla Melwani

    Dear Soul, i have been following this blog for about a month or so. i have come to some understanding that the aim is to be self realized with the help of the knowledge and then to move into self transformation which feels right because we have the whole picture.

    i feel that Baba’s role is primarily that of teaching as to showing us the method to do this. i am a little confused as to his role as Purifier, is it we can only transform with his grace by connecting to him(yoga)? that is without connection and drawing power from him we cannot or do not have the power to change? If we are unable to connect we are just playing an intellectual game . i loved your sharing a few days ago of your morning experiences in meditation. it felt so easy and natural. Sent from my Ipad


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