Question: Statistically, can I become a King?

Looking at the souls statiscally I have found a few questions tickling me always. In almost every murli Baba tells us that He is making us the king of kings, we are all becoming Laxshmi Narayan, He is sending us to Satyug and we have 84 births. But going by statistics only 16 souls ( 8 kings and 8 queens) are eligible for this in the Golden age. Only 9 lakh souls will have 84 births. How can we say that we are all going to become king of kings. As much as we try we should accept that the real high posts of Satyug are filled by the senior BKs. We have many dadis and senior brothers and sisters in gyan for 50+ years. What is left is the position of subjects. Baba does not like this question but statistically is it not true that we are all racing for the position of subjects which might not require all the intense effort in the form of Amritvela, food, Brahmin discipline etc.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

In Sakar Murlis, Baba’s method to motivate the children was to tell them that “everyone could be a King.” Then, in other Murlis, he has mentioned, that “Number 1 and 2 are already fixed” but also that “the children should race ahead of Mama and Baba.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, in avyakt Murlis, BapDada changed the “plan” into “become part of the first division.” No more Kings and Queens.. become part of the royal family…. and then, He said that “He could add more beads in the Rosary of Vishnu…” ๐Ÿ™‚ BapDada’s role has always been to motivate the little children to reach the “stars” according to a childish understanding of the children, of course.

I disagree with you as far as thinking that “the real high posts in Satyug are filled by Senior BKs.”
To be a senior BK is a role like any other role. Every role has its own “pros” and “cons.” Your capacity for self realization is not proportional to the hierarchy of the role that you play in the world, but in your ability not to be a “role” but soul consciousness.

Finally, let me show you something interesting… For us, this thing of becoming a King or a Queen is a big deal. What do we gain in the world of happiness? A status… we happily say..that is from our perspective right now.

Now, once you are in the Golden age and you are a “happy camper,” soul conscious and blissful; let me ask you what is the difference between a “king” and a “subject” for a self realized deity? ๐Ÿ™‚

It is just a role. The word “status” is not known.
For a self realized being, the castle is not important neither how many”veemans” you got. But enjoying the self is…

Best wishes!

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  1. bksk

    Dear Avyakt7,
    Thank you for your great answer. In fact I totally agree that once we are in the deity world it does not matter what is the status. However, if we talk about the efforts we are making now at times it gets difficult to manage lokik life and Baba’s shrimat and many a times we get disappointed. I some times question myself – why struggle so much in making so much of effort when the end result of that of being a subject. By no means I am trying to shy away from the effort. I am just trying to understand how to strike a balance between effort and lokik life without losing enthusiasm.


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