Staying in the inmaterial world or the material: That is the question!

om shanti dear brother.i here want to share some of my recent experiences and also want ur reamarkable suggestions.through yoga i feel myself as an entity completely different from matter means my body.the feeling was that our substances are different.the visualisation of the soul is different neccessarily from what the eyes can see.from that soul consciousness everything related to matter seems to be transparent as the soul has no is simply free where it stays.then as i can not recognise how i am related to the body then i feel that my energy is scattered through all the body for which i feel the sense of each part of my body.thus i feel a subtleness a different world that subtleness it seems to me that i become more sensitive to energy field of others and also beyond everything whatever they causes good or the gross material world becomes like only the outward covering in the depth of which a subtle and sensitive world that way i feel my material role i am performing is only an image i am carring what i am really know brother for this i feel certain fear as i can not simply recognise myself what i am truly because both conciousness are very present.i know the gyan and fully believe all this baba says.i also know the fear of losing myself is being caused by my ego and attachment to this material world.where to stay brother,in that subtle world or material world of playing role as both are it the way to karmateet stage?how can i continue to keep that stage of soulconciousness always.i want to go to experience that subtle world more and more but i fear of losing of what i dont know i cant realise how to tackle with the world where all the people are material minded. thank u brother in advance.

Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing your experience. I know of some souls are experiencing the same.
It comes a point where someone may be so “intoxicated” in the subtle, astral experiences that losing a hold on the physical world becomes a reality. Some may even feel trapped in the physical realm and experiencing things which are physical in nature, out there in the subtle.

Dear soul,
Fear is the only enemy. You are an immortal being experiencing different things. In your experience that is your “reality,” and that is good for now. This is something that I would like for all BKs to understand: “for now.” It will change, it needs to change, therefore; a selection or picking this over the other is to place yourself in suffering.

Become conscious, full conscious of the physical reality, perform your duties as assigned to that role without fear.
Fear is an emotion and that emotion is a “roller coaster.” It will make you feel safe and secure, but also the opposite. Watch your own fear.

At the same time, when your consciousness is taken into the subtle experiences, rejoice… do not select this one over the other.

To be a teenager is one of the most difficult times in our lives. You are not an adult yet, neither a child. You are in between.. but that will change. In the meantime, acknowledge your experiences without wanting to be a child nor an adult. Enjoy that sensation for it will change.

We cannot have fear of the unknown, but only of losing what is known…which is temporary but yet eternal…

Yes, you are a soul but you are conscious because of a body. To deny one and embrace the other is called duality.

Best wishes!

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