A soul is like empty containers – Reader description of the Drama of life

“om shanti brother,your understanding of the knowledge is simply tremendous.baba/drama has rightly selected u for the glorious role u r playing and will play through all kalpa.now as i had been reading all ur articles regarding how to be detached observer and also following BABA’s murli points some experiences occur to me what i want to share to u again{pls verify is it right or wrong}.that we the souls are only like empty container in reality and also neutral silent completely detached from drama,as drama is only continuous movement and have all within it linked to each other.bt we souls are only the entity in substance.the souls are like container containing only the light and might of God.now BABA injects within us His powers which simply reduces as time passes by thru different ages.in that vacant place darkness or maya enters.therefore the struggle all the souls are experiencing is only the fight between BABA’s powers and maya,invariably it means our’s is nothing,as all power or lack of it are from baba or maya in absence of baba.similarly the body,role,wealth etc we think as ours bt these are only the result of baba’s powers depending on that how much we contain that or lose.so these also not of ours bt of baba in reality even the last drop of it.similarly baba’s power or that darkness maya act through our thought,bacha .karmana.so we are doing nothing at all simply is playing unconsciously. we just carry and play forgetting all these through the whole circle.we are only enlightened by god as the earth is by sun.on the contrary absence of that light causes as maya making the way dark for us to lead.so we can just be detached and see the struggle between light and darkness within ourselves whereas nothing is of us.again the light or darkness work through us creating the drama for us whereas we simply dont have any role or part except playing it.in that way the containers of bk souls and others are different in size in amount of taking and losing the energy of god.so it is called numberwise.so i cant be a big container like brahma baba or small like the soul who take only one birth as the percentage of heaven and hell are same to all bt varies in quantity.i am what i am bt neccessarily i am not more than a container,nothing to call as I or mine as both are created by baba or maya.i have not created anything or shall not create.therefore my thought is also not of mine.your thoughts on this pls share.thank u dear soul.”

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words.
Disclaimer: “My” understanding is not the “truth.” It is just a description of Gyan from another perspective. I am happy to know that you see it as useful, and that is great.

Congrats for your realization! Please just be aware that it will change. It needs to change as your understanding and experiences evolve. Your descriptions are valid as much as you have experienced them for the most part.

The “war” between “good and evil,” or “Baba and Maya,” is not part of my repertoire anymore. It is just continuity through entropy. No wars, no fights; just experiences and different range of consciousness.

The soul is a soul. A word. The experience of the self cannot be put into words. No one “creates” anything in this Drama for we are all eternal.. and that is because even though we could be many… we are one at the same time… 🙂

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Best wishes!

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