Question: How would you explain incognito vision and divine vision?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

I would like further information of what do you mean by “incognito vision.”
I have heard about “divine vision” and “vision” in BapDada’s language.

I have heard “incognito” in BapDada’s language as well which is a bit different of the typical English word. (assumed or false identity.)
In BapDada’s language “incognito” means to be there without being noticeable.
“Vision” in BapDada’s language usually mean the way we perceive the world. Therefore, “as your vision, so your attitude.”

Finally, “divine vision,” means 2 things.
1) To have a “vision” as when a devotee sees Krishna during lunch time (or another time.)
2) To have the awareness that we are souls while interacting.

Please clarify your question if you would like a more concise response.

Best wishes!

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