Comments on Avyakt Murli – May 12, 2013

The accounts of the devotees and the Pandavas

Original Murli:2-2-76

If we have to pick simple words to describe this avyakt Murli, those words would be to become a “detached observer.” Note how BapDada explains the same concepts in different ways. Hammering the same nail using different hammers.

In the first Murli, how is it possible to become “desire-free” unless we are detached observers? How can we become “angels” who come and go by being here and then there, unless we are experiencing being a detached observer? In the blessing, having that “hero” part of being “karmateet” is nothing else but being a detached observer, the witness, that one who is conscious, aware, etc.

Then, the simple question is :”How can we become a detached observer”? and the simple answer is twofold: By settling karmic accounts which in turn will increase our awareness of the “true” self. In that awareness there is the experience of being a detached observer AND the practice of the experience of the true self.

In this Murli BapDada explains about the Drama of the “confluence age” according to the tasks of his children.

Brahmin souls have the primary task of self transformation. That is what BapDada calls being an “embodiment of success.” (The Murli from last week 5-5-12, mentioned these 3 categories of children: star of success, lucky star and star of hope.) Here the “embodiment of success” is equivalent to the “star of success.”

Those pure feelings and good wishes (that transformation) when is not in “full force,” will leave room for desires. At this point then, a Brahmin soul will become similar to the stage of a devotee (to attain something like name and fame as the fruit of their devotion) Note that the aim of self transformation has to be complete, (BapDada calls it “volcanic effort”) for otherwise; desires will appear and with that the temporary fruit of devotion will be given. BapDada mentions that the fulfillment of the account of a devotee is according to their love.

Finally, the “Yadavas” (many times translated as scientists, but there is more than a scientist to bring physical transformation) have their own task of physical transformation of the world. Note that BapDada is considering all types of souls according to their tasks (roles) as His children. All tasks are “beneficial” in the grand scheme of things.

Brahmin souls have the task of self transformation. Yadavas have the task of physical transformation and in between, there are desires of the devotees.

All of these tasks as interdependent. In other words physical transformation of the world is dependent on self transformation.
This is a great point to understand about the Drama, for there are not “god children” and “step-children,” but rather an interplay of roles in a numberwise way.

BapDada mentions that the “Yadavas are waiting for Brahmins to self transform,” but we can see that self transformation “plays” according to time at the same “time.” It is both.

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